Saturday, May 7, 2011

Credit Check

This image has been my header for the past week until being replaced by the self portrait that I made last year in July, the last time I had a haircut (or any of them for that matter).  Several people have contacted me saying that the image is a genuine likeness of yours truly and the shot's clarity in composition truly reflects how they see me when in person.  Credit should go when it is due and in this case the one who made the snap was Shannon Lechner, a photography student and apprentice.  She was using my camera under her manual control (with my add vice) and the old 55mm portrait lens.  I edited the original a bit with crop, black & white effect and a slight contrast adjustment.  For whatever reason, I really like this shot of myself and I do not say that often.

 This one I used the other day to introduce my immediate reaction to the news that sent millions of Americans in the opposite direction of what I was feeling.  Through the trees the sun burst the day before in my out back yard.  It is a completely lucky shot held still and changed only with black & white, contrast and a touch of highlight.  The burst in the sun is how the lens sent it to the reader, 16 million points of light radiating from the center.  A star apparent. 

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