Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sober Dreams

The true barrier to world peace is staring us right in the face at this exact moment in time more than ever before. [Now], this magical instant before us provides a constant education in the form of the syntax of nature, an unspoken language created by the true human experience on a flying rock spinning through an accelerating expansion of a universe. Rationalizations as well as justifications of completely ignorant and at its base, unequivocal support of America fascism behavior identify a culture with no serious authenticity of living. Authentic living however has become a global hashtag in the gas burning ether, rather than truth on earth. Truth is unavoidable. And intentionally avoiding it has life and death consequences within our understanding.

Fascism is defined as a national government which supports the interest of corporations rather than the citizens of that country. We've got that. Plenty of it and more than we can consume. Again, rationalization and justification are human conditions that the modern clinical institution has provided as a crutch for the unanimous acceptance of the corporate plan of aggression. A catalyst. The chain can be broken even though it won't be because of reluctance to surrender on an earth sized scale.

Have you heard of Noah Pier? Of course he isn't giving us a veiled drug suggestive end zone dance, nor is he selling Doritos or the official soft drink of the NFL for $30 million a second. But deep down you are closer to him than those corporate decoys will ever be. Noah was a Marine from south Charlotte who gave it up the minute he took the oath. When he was hurried through the doors at the receiving center on Parris Island in the middle of the night after being awake for almost 48 hours, he looked up and read the sign above him.

                                     THROUGH THESE PORTALS PASS PROSPECTS
                                        FOR AMERICA'S FINEST FIGHTING FORCE
                                                 UNITED STATES MARINES

One without the other cannot be possible. As long as the avoidance en masse is the prevailing emotional wind of the day, we are all stuck here to live out the result. Friction. And pain.

Recently I had the chance to find Noah's grave amongst the endless sea of white stones geometrically lined toward the rolling horizon in all directions on what used to be Robert E. Lee's land and estate. Those hillsides just across the Potomac River from Washington DC are Arlington National Cemetery. From the prone position in the grass with the dead just underneath me, my mind saw it so clearly. More clear than any lens or digital money box could replicate. In the section that Noah is laid to rest in, the majority of the birthdates on the headstones as far as my eyes could see were younger than my own. The manicured sod beneath me gave a grounding charge of energy in the pale gray afternoon while I listened to the helicopters overhead patrolling the skies over our nation's capital. How has it gotten to this and how can it be undone if this is our new American now?

It's obvious, even though what's obvious is completely overlooked when the rationalizations and justifications mentioned above fill the small gaps that our busy schedules provide us from time to time.


Charlotte Blackburn said...

Thank you Bill - that is a beautiful and powerful reflection.

Billy Fehr said...

So glad to hear from You!

Charlotte Blackburn said...

I'm glad to keep in touch, too - I thought you had deactivated your FB account and that is my #1 connector these days. Best wishes to you always and keep on writing your amazing perspectives - they are always a good read!