Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Smell My Shoes"

photo:me she says in a soft raspy demure female tone to the very cool and euro fine Carsten Bresser before the stage start out of Oberhof. Bresser the Compressor willingly leans forward out of his chair and takes a deep inhale of Becky's still wet from the day before shoes. He sits back into his chair coffee in hand with a smile of pleased satisfaction and comments, "I do love die schmell of crazy lady feet in die morning." The Compressor tries to savor the aroma in his mind for the stage that is about to start which he and Sydor will undoubtedly win as well as the race but Sydor never lets him smell her shoes. Hours later on course way up on an exposed mountain ridge and off the front together Bresser looks at Sydor and says, "Ali, vie do you never let me schmell your shoes?" Sydor slightly confused and testy at the same time replies, "What, that Single Speed hussy with the ripped arms and sexy voice let you smell hers?" The Compressor blushes as he wonders if he has pushed it too far with his partner but she gives in almost shouting over the wind on the high German mountain, "Okay fine Carsten, you can smell my shoes after this stage but you cannot tell anyone or they will rip us apart!" Victory for Bresser die Compressor.

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The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

DISGUSTING! I love it! Not many people know, but Sydor is a coprophiliac, like Dicky.