Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vote Bastard!

Yes, I took this now very famous picture. This one too but not yet quite as famous.
That is right blog readers, Team Which Ever Way the Wind Blows in the Direction of Free Shit needs our vote. The Breckenridge Colorado Epic race is in July and according to the first word in the second sentence of the race overview, it is gonna be Extreme. Team Dicky is 1 of the 16 contestants listed here, once you scan down to the bottom you will see a little link to click and vote for your personal fav which would have to be the only representative from the great state of North Carolina. I heard him bitching just yesterday that he was leading the contest but was not at all comfortable with the gap. So with that said all of you my beautiful audience out there reading my psycho babble not necessarily in the bike loop please help him with a vote and once you see how easy it is please pass on to everyone you know in a communal effort to help send this man to his dream of a free ride at a very hard mountain bike event. If you have any votes left Tomi and Lynda would be well worth the clicks.
Speaking of clicks and my little buddy I started clicking over here (you can now find on my side bar as the Real Rich Dillen) the other day and found bewildered amusement and belly laughs. Scroll backward to the start of this new blog, the creator of this new funny is on to something. Put in a request, have a laugh in the name of good clean fun. Like the back and forth laughs Dicky and Jill have been having while the book sales rise without mention of the key ingredient to that spike in interest. I may not be able to reference a movie line but I did read Coelho's The Alchemist you know.

I'm on the road to the State Capital with Ms. Arcen tomorrow. After being in this fine State for a total of almost 19 years I figured it was about time. I truly hope I run into some politicians in the legislature and in the theatre of governance, I have some questions that I plan to get on film. So check in for I may even be able to do a mobile update if things work out. If not we will get caught up next week.

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Anonymous said...

don't blame me if he loses, it stop letting me vote after I cast my ballot 7 times. Sorry it's me being a democrat and wanting to win at all costs.