Thursday, March 31, 2011

All Hail The Hackerspace Charlotte, Plus Image/Dumb Move of the Week

So, something sort of unexpected is happening right now, thank my internal being that I gave up expectations when I was seven years old.  This unforeseen chance is the end result of a thought made transfer with communication and honesty from one individual to another.  Many of you know that an article was written by Karen Sullivan of the Charlotte Observer (which Cedar lovingly refers to as: the wet thing at the end of the driveway) on the Hackerspace's donation of time effort in providing 6 of the ten laptops thus far delivered to Haiti via the Laptop Round Up for the Real. 
Well, what was so unexpected was the amount of folks from the greater Charlotte area who contacted us wanting to make a donation, or as most of the cases donations from this one article printed Sunday.  Here is the math as of right now according to the high speed encrypted message board that the Treasurer of the Hackerspace set up for the project:  Twenty humans have made contact with 38 machines total for the project.  As you already know, we have delivered 10 operating Laptops to Haiti as of a few weeks ago.  Previous to the article being in the paper, there are 4 machines in the hole awaiting delivery to the not so far away place. 4 of the 38 have already been brought by the Hackerspace hideout by Bill (not me, another Bill), Peter and his daughter Katie.  Thank you HSCLT and those of you who became motivated to get a hold of us this week.

Now comes the challenge that I never planned for, yet somehow I feel prepared to handle.  There are 34 machines in the county that need to be picked up and warehoused. Once in a safe place which is looking like between my studio here at the ranch and the Hackerpsace's hideout, they will be inventoried and scheduled over the next few months for repair.  This is really exciting and leading me to believe that I should form a small delegation willing to travel with me to Haiti soon.  The idea would be that we would each be carrying with us computers to be put on the ground there. 

In the meantime, the Hackerspace Charlotte is offering an open door Friday night during the North Davidson (No Duh) gallery crawl.  The shop will be open to the public and all y'all are encouraged to stop by and say hello, even if you do not have laptop to give.  Word is that there will be an adult beverage available and you can check out not only their newest CNC machine, but as well that crazy thing that makes lightening.  No tease, you will feel alive once you set foot, or feet into their space, the Hackerspace. 

The location: 430 East 36th Street, Charlotte.  After you cross Davidson on 36th, just before the first set of tracks, go left around the side of the building and look for the wooden stairs seen above in the image I made this afternoon while looking for my long lost (since Tuesday night) glove.  In case you were wondering I wound up finding it as I re-rode my route home the other night.  Amazingly enough I found my glove at the 4800 block of Shamrock balled up, and soaking wet.  I hate when I loose gear, but love when I find it a few days later after thinking about how the search would play out.  For the past few days I have felt like Michael Jackson, now that I have both of my gloves, that feeling should dissipate. 
For those of you who missed this little tidbit on my Faceliftbook Page, enjoy, and ask to be my 'friend', that way you will get the sneak peeks.  If I knew who you were, I would surely ask to be yours!
Sunday night I injured myself while cooking St. Lissa's and my 19th pre-anniversary diner, that's right diner celebration. The fork had been in the hot grill for many minutes when I picked it up to stick the French Dijon yum bit in need of a test. Then the fork touched my tongue making a loud searing sound branding it deep. Happy Anniversary.
Tongue Con Report:  Four days later, my tongue is almost completely healed.  The only problem is tasting stuff is hampered, I feel like I have the palate of a 5th grader...