Saturday, March 5, 2011

Major Developments in the Laptop Round Up for the Real

Grinning profusely seems to be the common denominator as Luiguuy picks up five lap tops recently brought to life by some gracious folks at Hackerspace Charlotte.   One of those who gave plenty of time and brain power to this latest drop was Ryan, seen below using his powerful intellect to generate resplendent levitating balls of light.  Projection, this kid has it mastered. 
My contact approached a few weeks ago after considering the Laptop Round Up for the Real.  With confidence and the calm of a CIA agent on the ground in Iran during the American initiated coup of Mossadegh, Ryan informed me that he had an idea that would help the Round Up's goal of raising laptops for the primary school mobile computer lab in its infancy.

These laptop machines are something that we take for granted, I thought to myself as he described that he was part of a local organization dubbed, Hackerspace Charlotte.  Part of his network includes another entity identified as, Southern Resources, a local organization that has been looking for a chance to help out an international community in need.  Ryan explained that this could be a perfect match once the channels were authenticated on all ends.   If he could get the support of the vendor, HSC would devote the time, resources, man/brain power and commitment to get the machines up and running with clean operating systems.

So, just a week and a half ago armed with some of my images and words, a letter from Luiguuy and his ever present power of projection Ryan went to meet with Mark at the Southern Resources.  The meeting went well, and within an hour there was agreement that HSC was allowed to come and grab a first run of six laptops out of the ubiquitous 'bin'.  As fate would have it, in full synchro style Luiguuy was getting ready to depart for Port au Prince with a small delegation on Friday, March 4.   The timing for this good news could not have been more perfect.

By Thursday morning, after many hours of running back and forth from the Hackerspace ops center to the warehouse, Ryan and his cohorts were able to fix four of the initially picked up six, plus the Sony VIO that Brian (random kind bachelor citizen) donated by fully letting go with faith.  The three of us met at 0900hrs in an open air cafe near Dresden, I mean Charlotte.  Ryan brought the goods and Luiguuy brought the smile as well as the transfer that the computers getting to the community is really a big stride forward in progress for the people who everyday live the experience of Haiti.  He explained that if the people are to understand technology, to even have a chance, they must be able to experience it.  The big picture playing on the movie screen in my mind was crystal clear at that moment taking me back down the dirt track to Barbancourt.   I have seen that living the situation in Haiti daily is different than any perspective from here based on solution or judgement.  The moment of reality is always now when it truly counts.

Yesterday, the day after our successful outdoor cafe meeting, Luiguuy arrived in PAP with the laptops dispatched amongst his travel companions.  He then connected with his colleague, Pastor Lyonel at the Haiti Mission in the capital.  These five laptops, plus the first run of four bring the grand total to nine that are now in the loop on the ground in Haiti.  This week I have three more arriving by mail from my 'Ph.D.' Student friend up north and east of here.  Those three and the two left from the Southern Resources original pick up means that five more should be ready for delivery within the next two weeks.

Huge THANKS to Ryan, the Folks at Hackerspace Charlotte and Mark from Southern Resources.  Your efforts are recognized and will have an impact on the future of a small community in Haiti.

Please send me a laptop and I will hook you up.

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