Monday, December 24, 2007

Classic Laurel-Pilot, to Slate Rock Inner

Here is the view from Slate rock. Dicky, Ryan and I discussing the pros and cons of harnessing power from nuclear fission vs. fusion.
Those are not footprints in the cement at our feet on top of Slate Rock they are actually formed by erosion from both water and wind.

Can't wait to see if a fork is in my destiny.

Yesterday even though those with degrees in meteorology and corporate salaries were saying it was gonna be a bad day for a ride in the NC Mountains three days ago Rich, Ryan and I headed out to meet Eric at the Laurel Mtn trail head anyway. It was raining on the entire 230.04km drive as it had through the night all the way until we started climb up Laurel. By the time we were on the 2,000$ climb I could see crystal blue skies above the landmass in front of us and through the trees. Descending Pilot was a blast, especially following Eric(who provided us with all the above images.) through the Hum V section on the lower. When we entered in the line was completely under fresh flowing, crystal clear rain water being pulled downward like a defacto stream through this lumpy section which is hard enough to ride dry. Eric kept his momentum up which encouraged me to do the same and it was like riding in a mini fast moving Black Wells creek. No slippage, the traction stayed there and then we were through both tickled at this small happening on this trail ride day. Lefty onto the inner connector and then right to go up left on Slate the steep version where the view was clear and blue. We descended down to 1206 and climbed a shorty up to the car to get home right at sundown on my end.

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