Friday, December 21, 2007

Courier Christmas Party Report

Last night was the courier Christmas Party after work happy hour style at the Rue De Grit. There was no food but some good tasty vegan approved beer as well as some of Mexico's finest shwag beer. This party was so hot that I did not even take pictures which would have distracted me from all the fun. Josh shared his latest comic art of The Denver Nugget and I laughed like I have had nothing to laugh about for the past three years. Collin was in town so he dropped by as well as Jordy and if you count the fact that the Lady courier stopped in for 7 minutes three couriers actually made it. If you did not make it last night , don't worry you did not miss anything. Wow, I am already counting down till next years party, can't wait!

Big Rick my Dad, provided me with the above image which he took of me I dunno, like a million years ago in or around 1975 or 76. It is an interesting image for me on lots of levels that I wanted to share with you. I of course do not remember him taking the picture but I do remember some of that day in these little memory vignettes. Our little family was outside a lot, there was a walking path lined with tall trees and animals to pet in certain sections of this park in Vermont. There was a train line that came through the property and nothing seemed as weird and over crowded as it does now. Winter in New England was a great place to be a kid 30 years ago for sure. Anyways for what ever you believe, Happy Holiday and New Year.

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Jimmy said...

What a great Santa picture.