Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ground Score times 4

Monday morning I left the barn at around 0745hrs and the temp was 26F with crystal clear skies, the one day a year it happens here in the QC. The connection from the neighborhood to the main East Side Stay Alive was silent as it held hands with me in the morning frost. Out into the traffic north down Lawyers and then east on the Albermarlean travers to a light glowing red at the first major intersection of the day. While straddling me Lemond waiting for the change of photon energy I noticed some colors other than grey in the debris field. The debris field is that wedge of matter that collects at intersections everywhere else in the QC other than the ones uptown because they are swept daily by a maniac driving a big sweeper truck paid for by the bank. The debris field is usually filled with things like grit butts, lug nuts, broken pieces of chincy car parts, a random child's shoe, dry wall screws, little shards of metal and the like. Today though there was color in the center of the wedge which moved me to further inspect. I found 4 bungee cords in one pick up, it was as lucky as catching 4 trout on one line. After I scooped them up and crossed the intersection I took the above picture of my catch. It was the most exciting day so far this week, 4 colorful bungees.

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