Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's Christmas in Cotswold with.....

all of the useless entropy of an entire nation desperate to hold on to the change not change that is coming our way with the collective step forward in awareness of our culture, the finest culture on earth but only by proxy of the fact that we were born here. I mean if I were born in say, Zimbabwe I prolly would not have this freedom: Freedom to be pulled around the parking lot of a sprawly strip mall in a faux Santa train powered by a 14HP Craftsman Lawn mower covered with the cut out of a train engine spewing out poisonous carbon as if this summer forward future it will not be hot enough already. The other day as life goes I found myself directly involved with the rescue and then placement of a dog that has been mistreated for most of it's life by it's owners. Operation Project save Zulu(not to be confused with Zula) went to H-hour Saturday at 1035hrs which put me and Ms. Arcen at the sun lit patio of Star Bucks(I did not buy a coffee just so I could throw away a cup, sleeve and lid, however if I had I would have demanded a for here ceramic mug) in Cotswold waiting for extraction instructions a few hours later. While we waited and watered Zulu this little faux Christmas train adorned in the finest glittering chince came by and dropped it's load of passengers excited to have made it from the bookstore across the parking lot to the Bucks so that they could buy an overpriced coffee which helps with that pile of cups, sleeves and lids growing to exceed the size of Everest somewhere on the continent or perhaps even off shore. At any rate, just as the guy was shifting into G4 to pull away Ms. Arcen, Zulu and I decided to jump on and see where this magical train would take us. We were instructed by the engineer(lawn mower operator) to sit in the first car behind him which gave him better control of the train and us a face full of that loud spewing hot carbon. Ms. Arcen was immediately and most naturally let down by the circumstances we now found ourselves in. Amazing to think that a kid's hopes are real and when they realize what is going on behind the front, that let down is real too. The next thing I knew we were on the other side of the over crowded parking lot laughing at each other and both hoping that the train took us back to the patio where at least we would not have a loud exhaust pipe blowing hot carbon directly in our faces. After upsetting a few more car viper drivers trying to over come the impediment which was us in the parking lot our little train wound back around to where we started and the three of us ran for our lives. Merry Christmas Folks and do not be upset if I make fun what people are doing to celebrate it at least once more before it finally gets here. Big thanks to the awareness of my kid, Project Zulu was a huge success and the little dog will now be safe until she leaves the earth.

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