Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Crepuscular Rays

Are what you have been looking at for the last week or so up top.
Crepuscular Rays (a.k.a. God Rays) have always caught my attention whenever I see them forming.  As a small kid running around on a hill in Connecticut I can remember seeing them up by the power lines that would stop me in my tracks.  Power line, get it?

The evening sky was looking right just a week and a half ago, so I ran around the front and down the street for a somewhat clear line with the old lens on and one in each in my two front pockets.  These rays were not that impressive, however, as an experiment they were worth capturing.

Basically Crepuscular rays occur in our visual cortices when the sun's hectic photon energy streams through gaps in the clouds.  The effect is dramatized through my eyes when the under side of the clouds that the light is streaming through becoming more shadowed and dark.  These light shows usually happen in the late evening hours which is how they got there name.  Here is the definition of crepuscular from the dictionary:

1.  of, pertaining to, or resembling twilight; dim; indistinct
2.  Zoology.  appearing or active in the twilight, as certain bats and insects

So, now that the science part of this post is over, I would like to share something I find hilarious with you.  Cedar Posts and Barbed Wire Fences (a.k.a Cedar) is the only blog (not bike related) that I am completely addicted to, have been for a few years now since I accidentally discovered that he had Rock and Roll Stop the Traffic linked on his blog roll.   Although I do not agree with everything he believes in, I am amazed at how truthful his information is as compared to say, any other local media outlet in the region.   If you want to get the real insight as to what is happening in our town, I highly suggest checking in with him regularly.  He is brave.

Anyhow, the other day I was reading his post about something sort of dumb that NBC did during the start of their coverage of the U.S. Open Golf Championships.  That dumb thing turned even more dumb when NBC as a Corporate 'voice' electronic entity apologized for the first dumb thing on Twitter almost immediately after it had happened.  Okay fine, I am updated, but what was hilarious to me was in the comment line three down.

(sorry in advance for the F-bomb being posted on this blog.  That happening is a first, and at least it is not mine)

Anon 11:17pm lovingly writes:

its - a possessive, similar to your, NO FUCKING APOSTROPHE
it's - a contraction of "it is", as in 'it's fucking simple', A FUCKING

Need a trick? Fine - when using it's or you're, expand the contraction. If
"you're head is full of shit" becomes "you are head is full of shit" and doesn't make any sense (maybe it will to you because you're a fucking idiot), then you are using the wrong word.
June 20, 2011 11:17 PM 

 Then Cedar replies with:

Cedar Posts said...

Funny comment even with all the F-Bombs.

Note to the rational, normal people in the world: Thanks for understanding!

To everyone else, its a BLOG! So before you work yourself into a stroke, please consider these ten points:

1) Most of this is "Orginal Content"
2) done on the fly from a BlackBerry
3) By someone wjo can't spell
4) or type
4) and has limited math skills.
5) While most people can "read around" typos,
6) this writer has come to accept that some people are obsessed with even the smallest of tiny details.
7)Sad but over the years I have come to learn that small people have small lives, and live in small homes where the littlest things drive them crazy.
9) I have to laugh and hope they aren't armed and that the bus route doesn't run close to their homes.
10) But its OK with me if you want to rant your life away.
June 21, 2011 4:39 AM 

 Yesterday I made a happy handed from brain mistake when I wrote: This will be another 15 second proceeding in where the defense will inform the judge and the state whether it has had the time to read the discovery it was presented at the last court date. 

Over twenty years ago I learned HOW TO APPLY WHETHER, AND I HAVE NEVER FORGOTTEN.  (Until yesterday apparently)

Of course when I read my post this afternoon and caught the fact that I had left out an 'or not', I fixed it after feeling the blog writer's invisible humiliation. You can't see it, but it kicks you in the gut every time and makes you think about dying. Cedar has the right understanding of the problem making mistakes.  I need to learn from him and just build a bridge so I can ride my bike right over it.  I was however sort of let down that a raving lunatic did not blast me with an anonymous identity on my comment section. Thanks once again Cedar, this time for drawing my attention to what is completely real...


Charlotte said...

Nice one, Bill - I often find myself completely immobilized when I see "Crepuscular Rays" - often taking advantage of the time to reflect and consider what may be specifically important for me right that minute....I also appreciate that you shared from the other blog...especially this jewel (gonna save it, maybe share it later ;-)
"Sad but over the years I have come to learn that small people have small lives, and live in small homes where the littlest things drive them crazy." Thanks for reliably thoughtful posts! :-)

Billy Fehr said...

Charlotte-So glad the F-bomb didn't scare you away!!