Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No I haven't Forgotten, how could I ever?

I am sharing [with no intent to sell anything] this picture of Radok that I found on his memorial faceliftbook page.  The original credit looks like it goes to Laura Dwyer whose name was attached to the image. (I changed her original work to Black & White and did an 'e' crop)

It has been over five months since Radok left the face of the earth, and I am often tacitly reminded about the life he lived during my daily existence still living.  Small things you know.  For example, on my inbound commute I pass the white wall that I was sitting on behind the Exxon 'on' the run, while waiting for him to roll up that day he followed me in to make a picture in the rain.   Another example would be that about an hour after passing the wall, I get coffee down at the CM2 in the South End is near.  On the cabinet door below the shelf that the coffee thermoses are on is one of those Chris Radok sitting in the chair stickers.  When I look at him, he stares right back.   Two hours later, I am in the courthouse.  For the rest of my career I will not be able to go into that house of judiciary without knowing that is where Radok's murderer is being brought to face the truth of his projection and manifestation.

After I leave the courthouse, on my way to deliver the work  I often climb up to Tryon on Trade Street which has me go right by the Ritz.  Hey, that's where Radok worked.  Time goes by and I ride around on the schedule to the firms and a few hours later I find myself racing (sort of) to a call for an ASAP.  It is tight traffic on south Tryon and street side parked autos have me pinched in a tiny little place of a line.  Once Radok ran backwards with the wide lens and body in his hand to get a cool cold rainy day shot of Nate and I.  More time passes, back to the courthouse and another return trip.  In the afternoon, on my way home that very same day I will go right by that same white wall again.  How could I not recognize it for the spiritual message that it actually is.  Radok, it's not just me man.  You're life, the way you lived it and the impact you had on those people fortunate enough to have spent time with you will be felt forever...

Maybe I should get you all caught up on the court proceedings in the case of The State of North Carolina v. Antoine D. Young.  Here is the organic down load as of today.  After the post pone meant of the Rule 24 Hearing one was had on the very next monthly calendar opening.  The state, headed up by Gabrielle Macon publicly presented their intent to seek the death penalty for Young as punishment upon conviction.  I was there that day with some gum chewing energy amongst other friends, but I missed Young being led in to be told about his own death.  After the hearing and the intentions of the state being read I felt neutrality, revenge is not apparent in what I feel.  Process.  Rule 24.

Since then there has been one other court date, which is not considered a hearing.  Bev in the District Attorney's office has answered my calls and always takes the time to explain to me what is going on.  I should also let you know that I check in with the criminal clerk every several weeks to see if there is any new info.  The last court date was back in May and it was a 15 second admin session where basically the state presented the defense with all the evidence discovery that it had collected in the case.  The defense stated that it had received the discovery, Young was never brought in the room or seen on the screen.

The next court date has been set for July 7th in CR5350 on the 0900hr docket call. This will be another 15 second proceeding in where the defense will inform the judge and the state whether or not it has had the time to read the discovery it was presented at the last court date.  Once that has been determined an announcement will be made regarding how the case will proceed.  I will check with some folks this week and next to make sure there are no surprises. If there are any changes or new information that is important I will be sure to pass along here and on the FLB Memorial Page.

After the July date it would make sense that there will be a plea hearing sometime in the fall.  At that point Young will have to enter a plea of guilty, or not.  If he admits the truth and his guilt a long trial will be avoided in trade for his execution. If he chooses the other entry, a long trial will most likely start in around a year, to a year and a half from now.  I think I speak for a few when I say that no matter what happens, the state has to guarantee that if Young admits his guilt or is convicted he has to spend the rest of his natural life incarcerated. Justice is in the hands of the people and we will be with this one all the way through...


themulcher said...

Recently, I have had many of the same feelings when passing things and places. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Mark Fortenberry

Paul Stanford said...

Thank you Bill! I keep finding myself think about Chris too. I appreciate it.