Monday, June 20, 2011

Good News & Bad News

So, what do you want to hear first?  The good news, or the bad news?  Fine you bunch of dedicated optimists, I'll lay the good news on you now then I will move on to the bad news. 

The good news starts with a presently local fine art landscape photographer named Jeff Botz who I met in April of 2001.   In that first introduction on the second floor of Charlotte's main library I got the organic down load regarding the large format film project that Jeff had been working on since the seventies.  Botzie shoots with an 8 x 10 inch negative view camera high up in the mountains of Nepal and Tibet in an effort to capture the appearance and identity of the largest mountains in the world.  Years of experience, personal sacrifice and dedication to the collection of work has given him the opportunity to form an awareness understanding and true education of the region.

In addition to getting a crash course on his project that day he also let me know that Everest was not Everest at all.
Here is a scan of his huge poster supporting the show he put on at the Hickory Museum of Art in 2007.

He recently returned from Kathmandu where he had been since April setting up his first show at the Patan Museum and as well building a gallery housing his work that will run for five months in the Thamel section of the capital city.  Jeff had good successes on this trip and even more local people heard what he had to say about the true identity of the mountain.

The Himalayan Voice wrote a current article openly discussing Jeff's theory that for the sake of the dignity of not only the mountain, but the people of Nepal the mountain should return to its original name Sagarmatha (Mother Goddess Earth).  On the Tibetan side that would be Qomolangma, which I have heard translated to both Holy Mother, and The Stick that Turns the Universe.  I am very motivated and compelled to share with you this developing news about how one man staying true to his Dharma can  have such an impact on not only the people in the area, but the entire world.
I swiped this photo of Jeff working high up in the field from his Facebook page.

Now for the opposing bad news, which is actually a tragic event that took place on June 15 in Keene New Hampshire less than a week ago.  According to multiple sources including first hand witnesses, 58 year old Thomas James Ball walked up to the Cheshire County Courthouse on Wednesday evening, doused himself with gas then lit a match.  His suicide by immolation was planned, he left a 10,000 word essay outlining the reasons why he felt it necessary to take his own life.  You can read what little information is out there about this amazing event by starting here.

Of course I read what I could find, but I wasn't at all sure of what to believe considering that none of the normal sources I consider somewhat real had touched it.  Several 'news' agencies tried to make a comparison between America's response to Ball's self immolation, and the sparking of the very still present Arabic uprising in the not so far away Middle East when 26 year old Mohammed Bouazizi lit himself on fire after having his vegetable cart taken from him based on 'law' by the Tunisian Police.

Now, not forever ago past or an unattainable event in the future.  Right now.  Several things got my attention about this horrible event taking place in New Hampshire last week.  First, like Everest not being Everest, journalism is not journalism.  It is only a series of collective decoys from what is really happening at that exact same time.  Second and more importantly, in Thomas Ball's final post he observed that the United States was becoming a nation without laws.  He suggests that the government uses a second set of books which is a collection of policies, procedures and protocols that courts and executive agencies rely on.

Not knowing what truly brought Mr. Ball to his actions leaves me stunned and sad for any family members that he left behind in trade for what he believed.  This is a very real event which has set into motion cosmic projection not yet manifested. 

I grabbed this image of the Cheshire County Courthouse taped off from WMUR New Hampshire.

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