Wednesday, November 4, 2015

From my Sunday Night Bicycle ride from Arlington to Washington.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Year of The Cool 10 Year Anniversary

If you are cool and live in Charlotte, well then HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you!

There is no such thing as coincidence, it's really synchronicity that has brought us to this point.

The Year of the Cool started sleepily this month in 2005 here in our fair Queen City. Cool came quick and out of nowhere. It quickly metastasized like cancer in the non-alkaline body through the rest of that summer until the fall and winter set in driving cool to its first winter hibernation. Cool naturally abates by a large degree in the colder darker months when the wet wind cuts through the jeans and two layer fashionable flannel. That first cold season cool did survive though, it held on long enough for the spring jean shorts and T-Shirt weather to give way to its epoch flight again that summer. Not a weekend went by without some form of collective cool throwaway junket until fall and winter came again.

It should be mentioned that any year before 2005 should be annotated with a BC for before cool. For example: My first year couriering in Charlotte was 1998BC. Of course if the year is after 2005, it should be ended with an AC for after cool.  For instance, Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon went to a minimum security federal prison in 2014AC.

 Before The Year of the Cool there was no cool like the mega cool we have here now. The good ole days are gone forever...

Revert Nation

C-130 Rolling down the strip, Golf Company 2/4 gonna take a little trip. Stand up, buckle up and shuffle to the door. Jump Right out and shout, "Marine Corps!" If my chute don't open wide, I've got a reserve on my side. If that one don't come around, I'll be the first one on the ground hooking and jabbing, slashing and a stabbing...

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