Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shop Minutes

from left to right: Matt's back, Doug and Mike Perry running Ultimate/Mathews On a paved section of the Greenway
and the gravel......
Yesterday after work I rode home in the huge ground level O3 that had enough appearance that it could be seen from just a few feet away. After tending to the dogs and putting my mountain bike's head set in a little bag, I headed out immediately south for the northern edge of the McAlpine Creek Greenway. The traverse of the Greenway to the spur trail just before Monroe Rd that leads up to Sardis North was basically uneventful, just hot and smothering from the amount of ground level taking up the space that should have air. At the shop I rebuilt my RF head set that I had destroyed the lower bearing race of the week before. My mountain frame is out of my possession right now, I turned it over to a blacksmith who is preparing his first ever creation. Hopefully I will have that frame back soon so that I can get my only mountain bike put back together. After my head set was back in working order I purchased 10 tubes, a bottle of Pro Link and a bottle of Bontrager's green tubeless juice. Out the door and headed back for the Greenway which is three quarters of my ride to and fro the shop. It is paved in spots but mainly dirt and gravel surface. There are a few bridges and plenty of trees that give you the impression you are somewhere far away, not stuck in the million car jar.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Work More Dangerous than Bike Messenger or at the least Scarier

Yesterday afternoon while messing around at the PDC in a big building on Trade St. I looked out the window and saw these 2 dedicated tradesmen setting up for a drop to clean the windows of the Uptown Marriot. My position was across the street from these 2 and roughly 140 ft off the street, my half assed calculations have them slightly higher at around about 180ft off the ground. The power of this lens is apparent.
What do you think the camouflaged hat says on the front?
He looks a little off plumb but about to get it back in line.
2 individuals, same trade, completely different backgrounds.
This type of work requires one to double check your double checks. If you don't that one instant you need to it will be a long accelerating fall in to the pavement while your body is being pulled to the center of the earth.
Sweet overhang moves.....
I still cannot see what that hat says but I'm sure it is witty.
To the ladies, am I not better dressed than my co worker, I mean look at these shoes.
We can see what it says now, looks like: GIT ER DONE, sweet!
Down on the street it appears even higher.
By now I am noticing little big things like the ropes are coming off the half assed protection which appear to be towels. At those 2 points of contact on the edge of the roof of the building the ropes are feeling it.
No need to worry though, this job has a good insurance plan.
It is a good thing that the lines come all the way to the ground.
2 lines: 1 primary, 1 back up, both used lots of times before.
This shot makes it look fun, like a simple rappel.
I wonder what the seat is made of.
Image taken back from the square merely for a look at the scale from a different angle.
We are Gittin er done~

Sunday, July 27, 2008

24 Hours of Booty Photo Album

Here are some of the pictures that I made at this weekend's 24 hours of Booty charity ride for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. click any for full size image to fit screen....
team mojo

Senor Gibbons

the friendliest shop in town living up to its name
a total of 3 humans on one bike
Corey pointing out the action
hell yea one gear
contrast of physical transfer emotion
Diego es mas forte of course as andreas just pointed out I actually meant fuerte not forte, I do not think the sentence agrees either but the statement does`
Andreas helping

SWEC(Scootering While Eating Cookie)not illegal in NC
6 year old, the youngest I saw out there on his own power

Judy, the dog that made eye contact with me


Hi Mel!
Helping the Mojo
Boots-check it- you should get a safety 1st for your kid on the way!
Andreas und Hannable Die Guten

that chain looks a little droopy

1st and 2nd place women's fixy class

check out these 36 inch wheel unicyclists, team crushed nuez!

Toe Mas Cook

Bilaggen Silat~!
8 years old

This is my new bike hero for the summer
Solidarity to the 2 wheel power-returning from the grocery.....