Thursday, April 30, 2009

ArsBars Races-Nails Podium Spot Plus Hoffenchard Sighting!

Ars crosses the finish line in 3rd place with new invisible helmet technology from Trek during last night's premier Charlotte MTB summer race series at Beatty .
Here she is answering questions from a reporter after stepping down from the podium.
The intensity on her face is real as she describes the race as 'easy' however the height of the podium made her seriously dizzy and dry mouthed.
After she kissed me on the neck it was easy to get Ars to drop her pants for me.
Hoffenchard!!!! Herb just like the weed was in fine form last night with a strong performance. Herb said he would be back next time for more.
Ms. Arcen found a hill.
Remember being 10 when little dirt hills stimulated the mind. This is of course before one sees landscape above 6,000, 10,000 and 20,000 feet.
Not racing but still enthused.
Bart chasing down Vinny to get a pictue of his tongue.
Vinny Cactus in fine form with tongue ladened shocker rolling.
I wanted to tell her that her seat was too low but she did not have time to stop and listen because of the race.
Skiddaladophy on his SS Niner making the tight pass or is he actually getting chumped by that geared rider? The only ones who know for sure are him, the geared rider and myself. Of course I dare not tell.
403 getting ready to crack the spirits of the younger rider ahead.
Wait a minute, is that bike the same color as my Zion?
Perry Lee reaching deep into his suitcase of courage at last night's event.
All Biz....

The job of pulling this little train is causing this Kenda rider's helmet to rise off of his head.
Here cometh the leading men.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Help Send Me to the Moon, Please?!

Last Tuesday I had to interrupt one day of the week long Bloycott with the real story of Ms. Arcen going down in her first big wheeled crash. In a half assed effort not to forget the true meaning of what the bloycott really stood for I bring you this one day make up final salute, the "I need your money not mine to do something fun" Post:

That's right all y'all, I found an obscure Russian Commercial Space Travel Firm out of the Omsk region of the former Soviet Union. This company uses out dated equipment and technology flown by skilled members of the Russian equivalent to Alcoholics Anonymous for ex-astronauts to get those lucky enough who can afford it into orbit. Once I made contact with the operations guy we agreed in mostly English that for the low price of 783,475 U.S. dollars he himself will make the extra effort needed to take me to the moon for about a 2 or 3 day stay depending on the lunar cycle. He also mentioned that he will have to study up on all the 'physical science' variables for our safe return to earth aka this spinning rock we are living on. This agency normally does not go all the way to the moon but when I told him about my blog and military experience he said I was automatically qualified. A receptionist at one of the firms I work for heard about my world wide pan handling story yesterday and donated $20 so that she could read about my observations from the moon which will give her a glimmer of hope in such a desperate time. That leaves me with only $783,455 left to raise which should be easy considering how many of you out there are not really doing anything as great as going to the moon and would love to live vicariously through me which will give your life more meaning. So with that said please make a cash donation(even fives and tens will help) here and then pass this post on to as many people that you know that would like to see me do something really cool that I cannot presently afford financially. In return for all y'alls donations I will not only think about you daily but I will scratch your names into the surface of the moon. Thank you very much in advance for your money and sympathy. This is what I am going to say when I get there, "This is one small step for man, one giant leap for me!"

DISCLAIMER: If my fund raising efforts end up ANY amount short of my $783,475 goal I will personally return signed copies of your cash via the U.S.P.O. mail service in a .47cent stamped envelope marked 'Moon Money'.

*Above Photographic Art provided by Phureeous

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tour de Turkey Pen-Slide Show

and of course smart ass commentary starting with Team Dicky and his "Billy, we gotta leave The Jar by 0600hrs so we won't be late that way everyone else can be which will give me 43minutes to eat my Wholly Organic Pop Tarts not made by Kellogg's and you will have plenty of time to fix the dish of your front wheel in the parking lot." Here come the troops.
Dennis Just Dennis with a sweet effortless parallel bike portage that showed the Master something you will see shortly.
Tim K. pro style through the tree gate thinking to himself, "I wonder whose Bike I will awkwardly crash into later."
Leanne just happy that it will not be her bike that Tim decides to fall into.
Leanne cannot stop smiling because she just had to keep a straight face while helping Tim get unclipped from the heap that he became on top of the Wevenator's rear wheel.
Sam and John following Leanne's lead cannot help but smile about how funny Tim's fall over was, plus the water feels really good in their shoes.
Dicky utilizing the Dennis Just Dennis 2 handed parallel bike portage technique.
Look out Eric! Here comes Rob
and he cares not about his rear hub
or his bottom bracket for that matter
but his glory will last forever!
Dennis trying to stay as far ahead of Tim as possible.
ahhhhh pastoral relief from the Jar.
The queue for some fresh filtered water,
of which there was plenty.
A 15 times closer look up stream.
What the other people do while there is a queue for water,
they wait and wonder why they did not bring a 100oz Camel Back to fill.
"Did you guys see me keeping a straight face while I was helping Tim off of Eric's rear wheel??"
Turner anyone?
Equestrians and Bike Folk Meeting and Passing. Notice the Horses instinctively staying far right to avoid the possibility that Tim may fall over into them.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Orphan Pups Need Home

Ms. Arcen snapped this image of fosters Cashmere(left) and Angora snoozing on the porch with Zula the former foster. These 2 pups just went back to the Humane Society of Charlotte yesterday, they will be spayed tomorrow and ready to go home with you by mid week. Chaz and Putters became their nick names during their 2 week stay with us, don't ask because I am truly not sure. These little gals were fine around the other big dogs as well as the cat and once again during night their time spent in the crate passed by rather quietly. If you or any one you know can help out with an adoption of these little ones please contact the fine folks at the Humane Society, they could use you help!

Friday, April 24, 2009

I Cut My Hair Bloycott Post

A few weeks away from being 40 years old I have given myself the freedom haircut which I have never had. This haircut is so radical that I felt compelled to share it with you in this entire post. Sorry, usually this type of here is my cool hair post is adorned with flashy images of chicks and guns of which I had neither for the self portrait shoot. Have a good weekend and go get some cool hair....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Weather or Not....

From the Extremely Chaotic Volatile Severe Weather Center: Today in Charlotte the weather is going to be rainy, cold, considerably partly over cast, windy, dry, mostly sunny, calm, very hot, brrrrr frosty, humid, a chance of thunder storms, icy, snowing, mostly cloudy, partly clear, gusty, chilly, warm, beautiful, tragic, wet, sleeting, densely foggy, not so much foggy, freezing and at any second the atmospheric condition could change as it is alive on it's forward movement across the face of the globe. So with that said, do not pay attention to me, be prepared and go ride~

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back to the Bloycott

The Kellogg's plant on Louise Avenue in Charlotte NC is ready, are you? Nothing says let's make the Pop-Tarts like an Industrial Compound surrounded in Constantina/Razor and Barbed Wire.....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bloycott 1 Day Interruption

Ms. Arcen goes down in ball of flames on last night's Dooleyville adventure PT ride. As you can see from this photographic evidence the kid was making a right hand turn way too fast. I watched from behind in calm disbelief as she braked hard and then broke traction causing the rear wheel to come around broad side on her left slamming to a stop on the little lip at the edge of the road. When the bike stopped she launched and wound up in a similar position that you see her re-enacting below. The top of her exploded helmet is at her feet and the rest of it minus a plum sized chunk is still on her head. I rode around the crumpled mess, dismounted and came to her side. For a second she seemed quiet, her eyes wide open. Then she spoke in a soft cry, "Dad, I hit my head then I saw the light." "I know Sweet, other than seeing the light are you okay?", I replied. Sobbing like only a kid who had just had their first big wheel crash could she said, "Yes, my head hurts but I will be fine."

Ms. Arcen standing at edge of skid mark displaying her broken helmet and the stink eye.
After a few minutes of getting ourselves together we went to roll out but were stymied by a totalled rear wheel that dove into the chain guard. I bent parts a bit but not quite enough so we pushed awhile and chatted about the crash and everything that had happened along the ride right before it went down. You should all know that as of this morning she is a little sore in the neck but she is recovering quite well. No other injuries to report.
Back to the Bloycott tomorrow......

Monday, April 20, 2009

Seconds, Not Minutes From Very Big/Important Courier Meeting

This 1 image from a Serious Courier meeting past says it all. Strictly Business, very influential people in the industry attended to discuss and plan BIG things as well as more meetings for the future where we will continue to plan for more BIG things.
Playing the role of Couriers in deep thought at the meeting sitting right to left are The J and Dicky
If anything other than vague innuendo comes out of one these meetings I will be sure to pass the data on to you so that the idea we are actually doing anything could be perpetuated forward while we are all living the dream. Remember, meetings are officially important and they imply a certain status that the world looks up to, so go to a meeting and get something planned with some like minded people today!