Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cream Roller New Bike Day at Work

Julia snapped this image of me and my new work bike in front of the One Wacky Fargo Building yesterday. Thanks Julia!!
I discovered a crack in the Lemond last Monday after listening to it moan the warning call for the previous few weeks. I cannot discuss the warranty claim details from Trek at this point because they have only received images and have asked to be sent the frame for a final decision. In the mean time Ultimate of Mathews has once again gone above the call of duty to help me get a solid work bike under my arse. Those guys at the shop are brilliant with their willingness to keep people who ride, riding. The Surlee Cream Roller came in Thursday and after work I rode out there to do the swap build. It was strange to ride there on one bike and leave for the house on a totally different one. The tiny little 49cm CR is quiet, no groaning of a flexing rip from one tube across a weld to another. The rear end is a little shorter than the Lemond which is the only ride difference other than the quiet that I noticed at work yesterday.


Drew said...

it is beautiful bill, the cream colorway is the best from surly yet aside from the mountaindew green they did on the 1x1 3 years ago.

i would refrain from letting t-rex know that your lemond was a "work bike" at all costs

Billy Fehr said...

Thanks Drew,
I wish you would have said that before I wrote them a letter and attached it to the frame being sent back...