Thursday, December 17, 2009

Marquette Michigan!

Last night while looking for an image of Marquette Michigan I came across this little beauty shot on January 24, 1938. A standard American telephone pole is 40ft(12m). Photographer: Unidentified. One of the most interesting developments as a result of all the true humor/anger drama from the last 2 days here on the 'B'-log has been a comment from Bill Richards of Marquette Michigan. Bill left a speak up yesterday identifying himself as a daily reader from the quaint Upper Peninsula town of Marquette. Bill directly asked me to pull the previous day's post out of the over flowing blue barrel and put it up so that all y'all will know what I have been talking about. Bill, I appreciate and can understand your curiosity however at this point I no can do. The cat was out of the bag, then I had to shove it back in and as a lesson learned about true friendship I must leave it that way. I honestly hope you understand and further get that I am not in this to mess with and/or hurt anyone. If something happens to or around me that has an affect either positive or negative I simply try to poke fun at it because at this stage in my life funny is working quite well.

More importantly Bill, when I read your comment I was humbled to know that I have a daily reader in Marquette. Not only that but as it turns out you are a Democratic Politician who ran for the 100th District of the Michigan House of Representatives in 2008. There the Internet trail stops, so I assume you lost the vote for which I am sorry to discover. However, the positive news is that you are still reading my blog which could only further support your illustrious political career. The knowledge you can gain here at the Traffic Stop will be an asset to any one in government and I humbly ask that you pass my link around to all of your influential colleagues.

How are things in Marquette? I have been to Michigan once a few years ago on the Lower P to a small town near Traverse City to give a mediocre performance in the Ice Man Cometh. I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful that landscape was and can only imagine that it is even better across the open water where you live. Do you ride? Are there any messengers in Marquette? If so, one day I may ask you to use some of your political pull to help me find a solid job in your town. Is it cold there? How are the winters? Are these the questions that people ask you when they find out you live in Michigan?

At any rate I appreciate your daily viewing and hope that it will continue. Of course Bill I know that there is a chance that the Bill Richards Politician is perhaps not the Bill Richards that you are. Please understand that I found the synchro funny which is why I am portraying it that way. Hopefully you see that funny and are not all pissed off at me for insinuating that you are a democrat in Michigan. What ever you do please do not come down here and kick my ass, violence scares me and I hate being scared.

42 to 41 over night I lost a follower but I bet you still look every day.


Bill Richards' political bio form the great state of Michigan.

Home Your Party Calendar Links Photo Gallery Bill Richards/Bill Richards is the Democratic candidate for the 100th District of the Michigan House of Representatives which covers Lake, Oceana and Newaygo Counties. Unfo


Bill graduated from Big Rapids High School in 1965. In 1974 he received his B.S. degree in Criminal Justice from Ferris State University. Continuing his education he was awarded an M.A. in Educational Administration from Central Michigan University in 1976. In 1992 he received a B.S. degree from Indiana University in Secondary Education.


Bill retired from the Michigan Department of Corrections in 2002. For the seven years prior to his retirement, he worked at the Lake County TRV as a correction officer, crew leader and instructor. Bill is also a former public school teacher and administrator.


Bill served in the armed forces for 24 years. He served in the U.S. Navy on an underwater demolition team. Later on he served in the Michigan National Guard as a recruiter. He retired from the National Guard as a Sergeant First Class.


West Michigan Plumbers, Fitters and Service Trades – Local Union #17 – Coopersville
Michigan State AFL-CIO
Service Employees International Union (SEIU) – Lansing
International Union of Operating Engineers – Local #324 PAC – Livonia
Michigan Equality – Lansing
Michigan UAW V-PAC
Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan
100% rating by the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan
B rating by the National Rifle Association

Bill is a member in the following organizations:

UDT-SEAL Association
Croton American Legion Post #381
White Cloud Eagles #4170
Whitetails Unlimited
Michigan Corrections Organization (SEIU/525M)
Muskegon River Watershed Assembly
Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation
Bitely Better Conservation Club
American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)

How can I Help?

To find out how you can help Bill win in November, contact his campaign at or call (231) 250-8655.

Posted Monday, July 14, 2008 at 5:10 pm ContributeCounty Party News
Executive Committee meeting, Nov. 11
District Dinner, Oct. 24th *Update*
Executive Committee meeting this Wednesday, Sept. 6th
Hoekstra to hold town halls on health care reform
Join us in the Grant Frontier Festival parade this Saturday
State Party News
Dems Honor Veterans for Service and Sacrifice
Dems Win Municipal Elections All Across Michigan
President Clinton to Kick Off Environmental Event in Windsor
CMU Student Identifies Candidates and Parties with Underage Drinking
Michigan Dems Call for Investigation of Underage Drinking on Mackinac Island

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Bill said...

Thanks for the write-up, Bill! It made my day! HA!

I'm not the politician...but was intersted to learn that I share a name with one.

Anyhow, Marquette is a great place to live. There is a strong, vibrant silent sports community up here. Biking is arguably the best in the Midwest. The snowy season is long and stout. We get about 300-350 inches of snow per year. Average temps in the winter months are about 10-15 degrees.

We don't have messengers that I know of...only about 23,000 people live here.

My wife keeps a blog about my cycling addiction: There might be some good Marquette pictures in there. And yes, I've had WAY too many bikes...embarassing. Funny...I was always looking for "the Bike". Spent (wasted) tons of money. All to come back to basics, riding a rigid steel 29er...I couldn't be happier.

Let us know if you venture North again. Take care, -Bill