Friday, October 8, 2010

Charlotte Bicycle Courier and Commuter News Update

The CMA is happy to announce that Little Mikey has broke free from the bonds of the Jar and is headed out as a guitar tuner supporting a band that is now on a WORLD TOUR.  It sounds like Mikey will be tearing it up in various pacific rim countries living the life of adventure that could only be found traveling the globe with a Rock & Roll Band.  From the Human Resources Department here at the CMA we would like to extend warm wishes of success and good fortune for Mikey's future international endeavours.  Please let us know when you feel your first earthquake or experience a Tsunami.

*Note:  This morning before 0800hrs when I rolled up on the square, I saw Mikey's former mustachioed boss chilling on a bench with a blue bag.  I never saw a bicycle but I did hear the whisper of the Blue Moon Blues.

I made the present header and this spinning shutter image of Mikey on the Square early last month.
A week ago today recognized Charlotte Cyclist ArsBars was hit at an intersection in the South End is Near while on one of  her many cycling commutes home.  Apparently she is okay and at this time the Traffic Stop knows little about the condition of her fly bicycle or the car that ran into her for that matter.  I took the initiative earlier this week to go down to the police station where I have become as familiar as Team Dicky on the Internet to request a copy of the police report so I could try to piece together the events that led to Charlotte's latest bike v. car collision.  Interestingly enough when I asked the mustached officer for the complaint number attached to the bicycle/car incident in the South End last Friday without mentioning her name, he immediately questioned me, "You mean the one involving Ms. Jenkins?"  How quizzical, he knew her name instantly and then started being evasive about giving me the numbers that I not only needed, but that are public record.  At any rate, I finally convinced him to give me the numbers so he wrote them down on a sticky and handed them to me after disappearing into the bowels of the uptoon satellite police station for twelve long minutes.  The plot thickens when I roll down to the main office only to find out the reports do not exist, even with a name search.  Maybe soon when this conspiracy is unveiled, we who ride in this town will  benefit from the knowledge gained in understanding the facts of the incident.  The CMA has been advised that the statement above is not slanderous, only curious and by no means have the disclosures within the document broken any laws. 

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Billy Fehr said...

I accidentally deleted RK's Comment from my eyephone earlier today and the only way I could get it back was to copy/paste it here. Sorry that I fat thumbed your words RK, hope this makes up for it!

RK has left a new comment on your post "Charlotte Bicycle Courier and Commuter News Update...":

Seems like Ars was a bit shaken up. Do tell me that they were able to find some kind of accident report. I don't want her to get screwed when it comes time to get paid. She said it was her best bike. Also, I don't always support some of the crazy emotional distress claims lots of professional ambulance chaser types try to inflate in suits, but Arleigh was already anxious about road riding based on her tweets earlier in the year and then her nightmare came true. I don't know her personally, but her posts after the accident showed she was really shaken up.