Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rapture of a Messenger...PLUS

Exploitation of injuries awarded in past crash.  Purpose. Dedication and ability to deal with things that come up in the day that require extra thought, invention and physical tolerance.

Yes, this is now three days after the Death on Raspberry and we are still talking about swollen ankles and the perpetual aftermath of pain, suffering, sympathy, intrigue from the Internet surfing masses and a large box crammed full of hats headed down to Panther Stadium on one of the scariest streets in Charlotte that a courier could be assigned to roll on, Morehead. 

I made this image on Monday(Manday), the day after the famous crash that caused thousands of Team Dicky Fans to pause with concern over the condition of his ankle and emotional well being.  Motivation is written all over his face as he considers the gravitational differences and practical labor applications of freewheel v. fixie.
The box is awkwardly big, however it is not super heavy because it is filled with airy corporate headpieces. 
Balancing on the tender swollen injured astragalus is uncomfortable but this guy is known for possessing a super high tolerance for pain. 
Looks like the suffering is bringing a smile as he prepares to take off for the Stadium. 
The garden variety public looks on in disbelief as the messenger rides by with the enormous box level on his cockpit. 
As he rides away in the direction of his landing-place, the messenger creates a legend by dealing with abnormal circumstances in a normal way.  Perseverance, the hallmark of character...

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TheMutt said...

Good photos. I bet he was hurting though.