Thursday, October 7, 2010

SS Zion v. Auto

In daylight an automobile passed my friend then turned right across his front onto West Carson Blvd.  He slammed a stack into the side of the dark speed turning car and held on as long as he could.  Happy to report that this tough SS rider received no injuries lack the diagnose of a broken frame in two places.  Interestingly enough the Boots built front wheel held perfectly true and stronger than the rest of the parts in between the hit and the double tube failure.  Good job Boots, keep up the strong build work ethic out there at the Denver Spoke!


"BOOTS" said...

William, thanks for the shout out, and am glad that Jedi Mind Trick is ok.

Everyone else...ill build ya what ya want and send'em to yer front door!

Billy Fehr said...

No problem Boots! And, I too am glad that Jedeye came out of that one without bodily injury.