Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunday Mountain Bike Minutes in Wilson Creek-Half Ride Report

My ride started early yesterday when I rolled away from the house in total darkness at around about 0600hrs for Dicky's Train Station, a 6.5 mile urban traverse to the west and south.  We left at the scheduled departure time and scooped Ben over in Gaston County just as we made our turn north for the I-40 corridor.  The other two cars from the Asheville area containing Jut, Matt, Eric and Scott arrived shortly after we did.  Then the shuttle logistics were solved with good negotiating priorities as outlined in the matrix and before I knew it we were up high on Ginger Cake Acres and Raspberry Ridge.  From that point the ride was 27miles back to the car with something like 4,500ft of climb and over 6,000ft of descent.    There are some things I would like to mention about the ride but unfortunately I do not have that kind of time to let a ramble roll right now.  Later today I will theoretically attempt a logical ride report and if all goes well with that I will post tomorrow, so if you are interested please check back then.

I left may camera and photo equipment at the house this time.  It was a strange thought not to bring my real camera but that decision kept my back free of a pack and allowed me to experiment with the eye phone camera which does not allow me wide parameters for making a shot but at the same time provides a unique perspective.

Here is the drop from yesterday's little flat camera in jersey pocket experiment.

My post ride self portrait, contemplating the pastoral setting that I am familiar with and comfortable spending time in.
This is one of the things I will discuss later.  Logging has been going on for awhile now on the traverse to Sink Hole from the saddle as well as other places in the area.  This was the first time I saw the mechanical evidence and destructive force that it possesses so close to the track. When I rolled into this encampment my first thought was the story of the Lorax by Dr. Seuss.  The Seussian landscape scene was as real as it gets and smelled of Federally subsidized diesel guaranteeing the profitability of the company, I mean Country. My bike looks small against this machine. 
Clint and Ben.
Dark image in sky and raped land. 
The blur over Matt's head is Jut airing the creek gap on lower Raspberry in style...
Another look at that gap facing you.
A little trail side gear adjustment.

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