Monday, April 21, 2008

Sand Hill National Wildlife Refuge Birthday Celebration

Birthday Kid rolling on Swamp Bike with her Faithful Warrior

This weekend was filled with physical experience in celebration of my kid's 9th Birthday. I find it hard to understand how she is now 9, half way to adulthood however it was just yesterday that she was small and in my arms. This next half will fly by out of my control even though I am aware of the potential time warp style experience ahead. All I know to do is to continue to be there for her, show her as much of the outside as I can and encourage her to pay attention to what is going on around her.
On Sunday I was able to have 5hrs to myself before the big party so I left the house on my mountain bike on a not so direct route to Renaissance. Once there through a series of urban connections I dove in the tennis court side over the bridge and through the woods. I past a few runners practicing for next year's run club of which one was going so fast I found it hard to get around her. When I popped out on the soft ball side before the Single Track on the right I ran in to none other than Brian from Sport and Theresa formally of Sport. I gravitated towards them as Theresa was making an adjustment to her new 29'er. It was nice to ride with two others in the trial for awhile. Brian was trying to tear my legs off on that side of the trial plus two times around the short track. On the traditional steep climb rock ledge I tried to pass Theresa on the right line who was falling over a bit when I messed up and the back wheel started fast over the top of my head. I put my hands out to protect my face and arrest my forward fall. The strangest thing then happened, my neck snapped forward throwing my head forward in to my chest. Yikes, that hurt and made me feel throated. We rode back around to the tennis court side and I peeled away to start the traverse back east. Back to the urban slog, connecting dirt, parks and green ways as I could.

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Wookie said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Yo "Willy"...check the juicin pix! totally didnt plan the pattern on the top of the glass!