Friday, June 6, 2008

Swamp Bike at Beatty

Ms. Arcen(Soft C) and I this past Saturday spent the morning at the local trail named Colonel Francis Beatty. The kid has been there with me often over the past few years but it had always been on the Trek Tag Along that converts my mountain bike into a 2 person bike. She had also walked the trail a few times as well so she was very familiar with where she was. So this ride was her first free ranging through the green course on Swamp Bike. It was a very interesting perspective following this 9 year old bouncing down the trail keeping her bike and coaster brakes in check. She stood up going down the little chutes and every once in awhile she made a shrill scream like a petrified Rabbit would when she was scared with adrenalin from the down hill acceleration that felt steeper to her than it was. We stopped once by the pond so she could walk in, grab a handful of mud and throw it at me. It was a great ride and I was proud of her for having the desire to be there and the want to go all the way around.


Wookie said...

You 2 rock! I cant help but think of taking my lil guy riding when he's of age!

Billy Fehr said...

Thanks boots

ms. arcen
for real yo, she just saw that and typed her own response!

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel. My 7 year old daughter just experienced her first trail ride at Poston last Sunday. Good times for sure.