Monday, March 30, 2009

Uwharrie Family Hike Slide Show

Spur of the moment Sunday morning Ms. Arcen and I belled up the Boots family and asked if they wanted to travel to the oldest mountains in the world with us for a hike as well as a pastoral experience. 50 miles east of Dooleyville and we were there. a closer up of the baby who did amazing on the trail.
this little flower was growing up on a small patch of dirt in between the roots of a tree.
Taryn all smiles as she passes over the little flower.
Ms. Arcen already across the creek patiently waits for Boots to get whatever it was he was fiddling with out of his shoe.
Boots for Christchurch I wanna defect to sake what is wrong with your not so Keen Shoes?
A short rest among the boulders that are the center of a former giant mountain which has eroded over the past 14million years to this spot.
BPSI-Uwharrie-that's Bike Poaching Scene Investigation. Looks too Skinny to be anyone I know.
This crazy dahg had an almost perfect day. Here she is taking a sip from one of the many creeks we crossed.
The kid finds a spot while the dog drinks.
"Dad, I see something up there."
It's a sleeping baby walking in the woods.
Zula says: "If my day is so perfect why am I riding in the trunk next to the poopy shoe that Boots stepped in? It may be wrapped in that purple save the floor but not the trees bag but I can still smell it. Why am I being punished? It was not even my poop he stepped in, it was another dog who did it, I was smart enough to go 100ft off the trail."


Wookie said...

for your information, i was taking the opp to remove each shoe and run it, and my foot through that cool refreshing creek!!! you gotta try the cycling clip in versions!

Billy Fehr said...

whatever Boots....

Wookie said...

whatever what....???? You know the answer William