Monday, May 4, 2009

Pineville's Mayor Pro-Tem Lies to Police

Now that I have your attention I would like to tell you the true story about a spot of bother that my kid and I found ourselves in this past weekend due to all that is become America.

On Saturday I was contently obliged to spend a half day out in this fine world in which we dwell with Ms. Arcen as her only parental source. During our morning tea we decided to head to a park in the town of Pineville which we had never traveled to together and after a bit we would go to the cheap theater for a 2 dollar matinee. Once at this park my kid immediately dove into the playground and made a new friend. Time passed and her new acquaintance had to leave, so Ms. Arcen and I then chose to go on an exploration around the lake.
We started our walk in a counter clockwise direction along the pathway and before long she was drawn to the rip rap application barrier at the shore line. She sat down and said, "Dad, check this out." I came over her shoulder and noticed that her feet were in the water and that she had overturned a rock uncovering the little discoveries that only a kid could find.
Then a turtle popped up, curious with my kid's presence in its realm.
Then 2 more, at which point Ms. Arcen asked if we could stay there a minute and see what happens next. "Sure", I replied as I took a seat on the swinging porch like bench a few meters behind her on the grassy hill.
Little did I know that we were about to be ambushed by the Bourgeoihideen(or Bujahideen) in their Ranch flavored Chevy Suburban that they recently acquired with Federal bail out protection. This Bujahideen attack vehicle pulled up behind me less than 5 meters away. I felt the heat of the car stop behind me so I turned around as the window came down and watched the fat head in the passenger seat with the blinking Blue Tooth Tumor drilled into her flaming skull lean her fat head out the window and exclaim, "Sir, she can't be in the water!" No Hello or anything, just authoritarian garbage based on some one's rules to make up for the fact that she has to constantly look at herself in the mirror. I saw through her immediately as I politely thanked her for the data. Then I turned back around to my beautiful child when I realized that she was not in the water. The car did not move for the fat head had more to say. "Excuse me sir, there are rules, they are written over there", she said as she pointed to a sign post at a pavilion a half mile away. Then she spoke again towards the direction of Ms. Arcen, "She can't be in the water." This time I replied with a direct question, "Ma'am, do you know what the 5th Amendment is and what it contains?" She slowly responded, "Yes, I do." "Okay then, thank you kindly for the rules, we will stick to them", I said as straight forward as my brain would allow.
What happened next blew my mind, in the tone of a church member gone pissed she directly asked, "Sir, can you tell me where you live?" I felt like saying, "In America dumb, dumb, you know the land of the free, the home of the brave." Then my following knee jerk response in the same half of a second could have been in a cowboy tone, "Dooleyville Ma'am, 10.3miles east of the Jar well off the East Side Stay Alive." Instead my heart spoke and in the next second of time that followed I smiled and told her , "I'm sticking to my 5th Amendment Right and I will not answer that question, thank you."
At this point 'the lady' bitterly spewed something about, "We'll see", then she turned forward as the car immediately went into gear and pulled away slowly. I could see the Blue Tooth Tumor shining back at me against her gray white head. As her husband drove 25 meters away to the Bujahideen staging area he parked facing us and then the BTT belled up the Pineville Police Department which was on duty across the pond, up the grassy hill in a building that was a little further away than the signage listing the rules. Then it spoke the UNTRUTH that became her lie, either over the BTT or in fact to the face of the officer when he arrived via the alternate parking lot.
I took my pics while taking advantage of, I do believe an Article of my 1st Amendment Rights. The press part about having the Right to bring the truth to you my lovely audience while I stand on public ground.

The Pineville Police Officer approached in a non-threatening manner(as non-threatening as someone with a gun, badge and bullet proof vest could), leaving the fat head behind on the asphalt/herfault and explained to Ms. Arcen and I that 'the lady' had called him reporting that my daughter was swimming in the lake. At that point I received her lie. I smiled and thought to myself out loud in a soft verbal transfer that my daughter was not swimming as you can see by the dryness of he clothes, body and hair. I then broke it down in truth for him that 'the lady' told me the rules, I thanked herfor the data and then when I felt molested by her line of questioning I first asked her about her knowledge of the 5th Amendment, then I used it when she asked me to tell her where we lived. He listened and I continued by making sure he knew that I knew that as a police office he must be aware of my 5th Amendment protected Rights as an American. "I know, I know", he muttered quietly as to not let the fat head hear what he was saying, "It's just that there are rules and I", he stopped himself. I understood and I expressed that I did with a tacit message supported by verbal one, making clear of how aware I was that he was doing his job and was truly acting as a professional officer of the law.
At that point he went back to the BTT and must have explained that the situation was under control because both parties drove away into silence leaving Ms. Arcen and I alone to talk about what had really just went down. I have never been more proud of my biological re-representation than I am today. She understood completely that 'the lady' had lied and that the Policeman was smart enough to see the truth in the truth that we told him.
The whole way home I wondered who the hell this crack head was so I used the all knowing AI(Advanced Intelligence) and found a match using her photo that I took and my brain . I have ID'd the liar as none other than civil servant Libby Boatwright, the Pineville Mayor Pro-Tem. Thanks a bunch Lib, you helped me teach my kid something about the Constitution of the United States of America that is constantly being ripped apart by folks that lie just like you.


Jordy said...

If Madison could have only imagined chain-link he could have seen a prison-stamped parks and rec sign replacing the Bill of Rights on a Saturday in Pineville. I fear many a chubby finger will soon be pointing to chain-link and saying, "them's the rules." Nice investigation work.

Billy Fehr said...

thanks Jordy

springer said...


Billy Fehr said...

I know but it is getting worse by the hour.

Anonymous said...

Typical of some govt officials... I deal with it often... keep us updated!

You did great!

springer said...

I should have said unbelievable, with a side of I am really not surprised, and a dash of not surprised in pineville. move over to Lincoln County you can stick your feet in any pond you want to around here. My fancy driveway, makes really good puddles for me and my little girl. Bet them ther city slicker in pineville don't get puddles in their driveways.

The Big Bad Banker said...