Wednesday, August 5, 2009

First Crayola, Now Glitter

Zula aka Zoo Zoo the tiny warrior poses for me as her ears roll back and it clicks in her brain that she is about to be blog fodder again. The evidence. I made over 100 images in full CSI(Crap Scene Investigation)-Charlotte style but I figured just showing you 1 would be enough.
Why stop at 1 when this one with better light is perhaps more interesting to the viewer.
Last month you may recall the story that I posted about Unique Crap where Zoo had eaten a half box of Ms. Arcen's Crayola Crayons. That was then, this is now and I am not sure if it can be funny again but it seems to be to me therefor I will go with my intuition and share. I recently heard the little husky gnawing on something in the kid's room so I went down the hall to investigate. Upon entering her room I discovered that the TWIT(Tiny Warrior in Training) had gotten into Ms. Arcen's creative art tool box again. The dog had pulled out one cylinder of glitter(used for making home made snow globes out of empty glass jars headed to the recycle bin) and was laying there on the floor almost drinking it. Zoo-Zoo's paws were cradling the elongated tube marked multi colored just above her lowered to the floor head and her little front dog lips were wrapped around the open end as she sucked down the itty-bitty resplendent matter. My first thought was dammit dog, the kid uses her art supplies regularly. Then I laughed to myself because I realized that within 24hrs there would be a photo to make of the passing of the glitter which may make one of you have a laugh or a little chuckle when you were not even expecting it. If just one of you has a cachinnatory response to today's post then my job is done.


Doug said...

ok Billy... keep it up and i'll start emailing you photos of Charlie's turds - and the stuff that appears in it (peices of his blanket, the occasional ear plug)! ;) Good to see that your pooch keeps you in blog material! Hope all's well!

brado1 said...

that's it... i'm on an all glitter diet from now on! want my poop to sparkle!

James E Good said...

And here I was about to go get something to eat and now I have images of hairy butt licking and glitter