Friday, August 21, 2009

Video B-Log Post

Yes, all I have for you toonday is a video post. This video is however custom made for you by me in an effort to give you a laugh on this fine Friday. Yesterday in the early afternoon a rain shower came through the Uptoon that caused the streets to be in near prefect condition to play around on the ole work bike. Take the 2minutes needed to watch the following documentary of what it is like to have too much time on your hands while at work. What else would you be doing with that 2 minutes anyway?

Interview with me shot by me, film of me skidding shot by Dude and edit made complete by me.

Skid on Tryon from Billy Fehr on Vimeo.


Boots said...

what is up with your mouth movements!! you look like you just got done pullin a big pull off a crack pipe!!! youre killin me william!!! hahahahahaha...tweeted it is, just because its on the complete goof ball level

Wicki said...

What is up with your lips?

Billy Fehr said...

What Lips?
SO, you long for!!
You know B, I act, Like
Hollywood or Mount Holly Wood
across the river from Catawba where you and Dejay won....
Me a B actor on a ZZZZZZZ stage called life.