Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Toast to 2 that Ride Bikes

Annie took this Picture of Diego Garavito and I toasting over coffee and his rice crispy treat last week at the South End is near Cool & Cool. I met Diego a few years back while he was working in the under ground catacombs of Bicycle Sport. There Diego quietly stood at a bench building bikes under a flickering light in the dark damp dungeon while customers perused the racks of shiny new merchandise just above his head. Occasionally over the years Diego and I run into each other and have the chance to talk about the latest rides we have been on. Diego is a very strong rider from Colombia South America who rides for Team AeroCat(he is the one in the middle without a helmet). The other morning our paths crossed at the Cool & Cool and I asked him about the Presbitational Crytickulum that he had just raced in over the weekend. "It was good", he said. Seeing we both like bikes we decided to have a toast over coffee.

Raise your glass, ceramic mug or styro!

Here is to,

One the Pro Racer in black and green Kit
the other a messenger not quite as fit

Road Racers are always watching what they eat
for this toast Diego chose a Rice Crispy Treat

The Road Racer trains 600miles a week
while the messenger laments, "The Future looks Bleak"

Carbon Fiber end to end make the Racer's bike light
Old Steel and no sponsor the messenger's weighty plight

Good Looks in Road Racing is definitely required
the messenger's appearance is not that inspired

Cadence and Watts are always in the Racer's mind
a heart rate monitor on the messenger you will not find

For a mechanical the Racer has a Team Car
in the same situation the messenger walks to the bar

The Road Racer usually gets all the Ladies
no doubt because the messenger is stuck in the 80's

Sure those Road Racers are completely elite
but in the end we ride the same Streets

Here is to us and to you, those who like bikes!



Courtney Thompson said...

thanks for sharing your family, your thoughts, friends and such.
cheers to the inner and outer dialogue... that i read while i sip coffee from the hills of western north carolina...
that little yellow basket.

dude said...

it's like mountain climbin, when it comes to rhymin, you gotta put your time in

James E Good said...

The prose is obviously abridged - there was no comment about the sandals versus the white shoes!!

Unibiker said...

Like to hear ya spit that one out after 3 or 4 pints of the black stuff.