Friday, August 14, 2009

Rock Star Report

Rocky looks to the left. Rocky looks to the right, nothing but goofy happiness in his sight.
Three weeks ago tomorrow I drove down to Greenville South Carolina to pick up Rocky from a vet clinic where he had spent the previous 3 weeks recovering from a surgery that repaired his right broken shoulder. The fracture in his right arm was so severe that at first the vet gave consideration to putting him down or amputation. Thanks to the fine folks at the Noah's Arks Rescue it was determined that with a bone graft Rocky may have the chance to run again. For the first 15 days he was here we had to walk him on the leash to prevent re-injuring the fracture. This past weekend he took his first run out the back with the other 4 and had a great time of it. It is amazing to watch a dog this big take to a full gallop. The bone must be healing well because Rocky is showing no sign of pain, only curiosity and the desire to run which will help his muscles around the injury get stronger. This dog has been a fine addition to our domestic sporting class pack and has already learned sit and shake with his massive paws. The Noah's Arks Rescue in our region is a non profit entity that helps abandoned severely injured domestic pets by stepping in to pay for their care so that they are not euthanized. They could use your help with cash/supply donations, fostering or safe home adoption. If you or anyone you know can help them out please do so, as I have said before the problem of neglected animals is way bigger than we could ever imagine.


Heather said...

First and foremost I have say that the b/w picture of the moth is phenomenal. Such detail! Secondly, what a beautiful Great Dane. I want one so bad I can taste it. I'm glad the rescue was able to save the dog. Fostering or new addition to the pack?

Billy Fehr said...

Thanks for noticing the detail in the Polythemus Moth! The light was near perfect with a manual adjustment.
Rock Star is now the 5th permanent pack member!