Monday, May 17, 2010

Free Billy, I got Hooked Up...

The NRA held its 2010 National(American) CONvention here in Charlotte this past weekend in CONjunction with the end of Bike Week activities. The NRA festivities started Friday during my work day so James, Jordy and I headed down on bikes and feet to get a feel for The Queen City's highest cultural accomplishment to date. It was a strange sight indeed to just quietly observe in the shade. Jordy and I sang the National Anthem in full a cappella style, no one joined in.

As soon as the Time Warner Cable Arena let out after being cooped up with the likes of Sarah Plalin and Ted Nugent, the members of the National Rifle Association walked 40 yards to waiting Coach buses the size of a Greyhounds. They were then diesel transported the four blocks as the pedestrian path(apparently the Jar has been rated:Bronze in being Pedestrian friendly) goes along the light rail directly to the Convention Center where there was more Associating to be done. This hot shuttle service exhaust into the only atmosphere we have went both ways and was constant during the transfer. The flames in the logo would explain the whole hot thing.

Photo shot by: James Willamor
All that this lady has to do when she gets to the Convention Center is flip the page and then it will read: To Time Warner Arena.

Photo created by: James Willamor
Then time passed. Josh called telling me that he had gone down and was in the back of an ambulance about to be hauled away. It was after 1600hrs, he had jobs to the Courthouse in his bag and I was 7 minutes away. As soon as I arrived to take his/our/Dicky's work, I saw his eyes and knew that he was going to be okay. I had seen his pupils look similar before at 17,000ft above sea level on the side of a glacier covered volcano and he was just fine then. Josh handed the papers to me during a strange dialogue that I was trying to not have with a Charlotte Police Officer. Then the next thing I knew I was in cuffs, a place I had never been before even at my lowest point.
Photo care of: James Willamor
Team Dicky came to the rescue when he heard that two senior CMA members' immediate futures were held in the balance between the shackles of justice and the institutionalized response of emergency over priced diesel health care reform.
At this 125th of a second, deep down Rich realizes he has to be dreaming because he has already had this dream many times before and now it was coming true. Hang in there little buddy, your gonna get paid twice what you are used to.
Photo created and donated by: James Willamor
Now for a different perspective. Shortly before I was released on my own recognizance, a young fellow walked by and gave me a glance. Another photographer was close by and grabbed this shot of me talking to Dicky as I was being checked out.
Image provided by: Cracked Out Adventures(not on crack)
This was by far one of biggest emotional transfers that I have ever rolled into while doing my two wheeled job Uptoon over the last 12 years. I have more to say and hopefully will have the chance to after the court hears my plea. I can tell you this, I am innocent until proven guilty and justice will at the least be recognized. If you have any questions, fire away.


Anonymous said...

pic number 3: In your words, total transfer.



Anonymous said...

oh, and I can only imagine turdy WAS OK.... Injury?


Billy Fehr said...

Eric-Complete Tea Total Transfer
The charge as written:
resist delay or obstruct officer XXXX #XXXX, a public officer holding the office of public officer by interfering with him trying to get pertinent information on a traffic collision. At the time, the officer was discharging or attempting to discharge a duty of his office by getting all the pertinent information for a DMV/Police report.

Billy Fehr said...

Of course. The J survived minus a nasty side body hematoma and some inner body soreness. He did not hit his head.

Bill said...

Holy Wah. Glad to know that "the J" will recover, and that you were released. -Bill

brado1 said...

that's insane...

btw: great job of capturing the digital experience...

wv: propar

Kark said...

Sorry to hear about what sounds like an all-around craptastic day Bill.

Hopefully all will be righted when the dust settles, and it doesn't take too long to settle.

Luis G. said...

Breaking the law, breaking the law!

Jeff botz said...

the police used excessive force - pretty much any force under the circumstances sounds like it was excessive. I think you should write in tomorrow the actual charges against you.
This is a thinly veiled police state, it's scary!

spokejunky said...

You don't fool me. You wanted the lady cop to slap the cuffs on you. "My name's Billy. I'll be your pizza delivery boy today."

Billy Fehr said...

Brado-Indeed it is.
Kark-Thanks for the support, we know how cops can be, don't we?!?!
Luis-I sing that song to myself while riding around almost every day.
Jeff-Totally agree and I will post a verbatim transcript of the charge toonmmorrow.
Spoke-You read me like a book, check in toonmorrow to see me mackin'

Anonymous said...

'a place I had never been before even at my lowest point.'

Who are you to say if you are or are not at your lowest point right now?

Billy Fehr said...

Good observation Anon-entity. Upon a quick inward reflection scan of my own awareness I can see myself many times lower in the past than I feel right now. Thanks for your concern.

ThaQueenCity said...

Anyone else doubt that common sense, ethics and morals have gone down at CMPD in the last 2 1/2 years?

BILL glad you and YOUR buddy are OK1 I bet the courthouse will be PACKED when you go to court, give us the date(s) so we can be there to back ya!

Billy Fehr said...

QC-Thank You!!

the original big ring said...


Fugg me! Had the braclets put on you eh? Weren't wielding a gun in the middle of the streets were you?!

Fight the power bro!