Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yoga Interventions

Yesterday around the middle of the day I was in conversation with Jai when Who's this Joey showed up. He politely let me know that two of his friends were about to have a Yoga Intervention at the Beckler Museum and that I was welcome to come down and make some images. I wrapped up with Jay and rode to the spot. When I got there I noticed that Joey was shooting with an old Nikon lens on his new Canon Digital. I was intrigued so I inquired as to mechanics of what I was seeing. Ahhh, an adaptor bracket.

Joey was kind enough to let me try out his 50mm Nikon lens with a 1.4 aperture on my DSLR Nikon. It clicked right in and instantly the authenticity of the lens was felt in the weight that it added to my camera. When I looked through the glass everything about my digital camera perspective changed. The light meter did not work with the old lens but all I had to do was take a little test exposure and then I was able to dial in what I needed.

Meet Jessica and Paige of Yoga Interventions. These women are serious business and it was interesting to watch them work. Transfer
I tried this move last night at home when I pulled the image up. Not even close, no matter how hard I tried. I have a lot of work to do on my lack of Yoga skills.

Strength, grace and a look inward always reveals the truth.
Two hearts beat as one.


Luis G. said...

Great photos... love yoga.

Billy Fehr said...

Thanks Luis

Justin said...

I have to say my 50mm is my favorite lense. Granted I only have 3 but it by far takes some of the highest quality images. Great captures Bill!

Billy Fehr said...

Thanks Justin~
Tell your Dad to check out Cedar's Post About Noah from the 20th of May...