Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The National Anthem Done in the Real

Rachel Van Slyke came into town via Chapel Hill and flood torn Nashville where some folks are still talking about the end of the world. Just prior to leaving Nashville, Rachel had spent time volunteering on a search and rescue team that went on down river looking for the bodies of still missing neighbors. Rachel described seeing evidence of where the water line had risen against the trees up on the bank of the river sometimes as high as 40 feet over head. She saw tons of debris in the form of what looked like wicker baskets in a twisted wreck in all directions 20-30 feet high above river. My family and I were glad to see her make it here safely for this year's Charlotte Femme Fest where she played two sets Saturday night. For those of you who may not remember, I met Rachel here in the Jar two years ago this month when she was riding her over loaded 100lb+ bicycle from Miami to Quebec for her inaugural musical bike tour.

The first set was at the Evening Muse in NoDuh. I made the following recording of her and Jordy kicking it off with the National Anthem of this fine Nation in which we dwell. No flags or banners here, just the truth from the heart. Take a minute and listen if you have the time, their performance is quite honest indeed. After the National Anthem, they do a Duet of a co-write that they made together and then she goes solo.

Rachel Van Slyke/Jordy Moore-Femme Fest Charlotte 2010 from Billy Fehr on Vimeo.

Rachel singing, I'm Coming Home *All photos in the set by me.

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