Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Give Me Something to Believe in...

I knew that this has been coming for what has felt like years. Our City, State, Country and World is now a better place because the NASCAR Hall of Fame has been officially opened with a grand plastic throw away ceremony that took place yesterday. 30million in cost overruns means nothing against the bigger picture of progress for our culture. I could have been right down there in it to bring you the up close scary futuristic toon but instead I decided to make the pictures from above and a block away. On the ground two blocks to the north of the venue completely out of line of sight to the fans I did see two huge city garbage trucks parked behind the CMPD Mobile Command Post and the CFD HAZMAT Response vehicle. The garbage trucks sat idling the 3.09$ diesel in the light rain with their orange flashers on waiting for the party to be over so that they could get to work.

I made these images from a corner conference room 250ft up in the One Wacky Fargo Building 2 blocks away.

Check these out closely, there is plenty of info transfer in each of them.

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