Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Honestly, I cannot stop thinking about what happened to Radok.  Here are two images that he made of the Charlotte Bike Scene over the years.  This first one that Chris shot running backwards on Tryon in December of 2002 is my most favorite Courier Image ever made. From right to left: Rich Dillen, Nathan Sprinkle, Josh 'My Rookie' Neeley and me.  Interestingly enough, today three of the four of us are still following the Two Wheeled Path here in Charlotte as our livity source.   The Odd Ball Out is Nate(with red arms), who is presently in Belgrade Serbia goofing off with a pretty girl named Nela.  Oh that's right, I think they call it Blej(sounds like Play) in Serbia, not goofing off. 
To the best of my knowledge Radok made this picture of me on an inbound East Side Stay Alive Commute in the fall of 2005.  This time Chris met me in the light rain on his brand new bike and we rode together for a few hours.  The interesting thing about this composition is that he swore he did not photo shop enhance the Vastus Medialis in my left Quadriceps femoris muscle.  And, I swear that I have never been on a 'medical program'.  

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