Monday, January 10, 2011

Justin Case, You Missed It

From Left to Right:  Mein Schatz, Zoo, Rommel and myself shot by none other than Justin Engel whose Dad and I have suffered a few times together. This kid has an eye, for sure.  Merry Christmas everyone...


cornfed said...

Great photo Billy!

Out of curiosity is Rommel a Catahoula (or cata mix?)

He looks similar to Dish and JD (my 2 catahoulas)

wv: enitio

Billy Fehr said...

He has something in him for sure, but what that is I could no be certain. Dane body, Dane we we were told be he pros at the rescue in Greenville SC. The dog is a a good fella, that's for sure.

brado1 said...

Run Forest, Run!

wv: unlyehea