Friday, January 7, 2011

Uptoon Pictorial-The Juggler

Heffrey belled me up a few weeks ago to let me know that he found a gem for me amongst the trash being sold at a junk store out east of The Jar.  I could tell by the ecstatic and borderline crazy tone in his voice that he was pumped to have found such a piece of pro level equipment.  It was a slightly used(the rings around the little rubber boots on the legs are in perfect condition as if they have never touched the floor) Italian Made Bogen Professional Tripod.  The best part of the deal was that the lady only wanted one In God We Trust Unit in trade, 1.08 after tax.  So, he hooked me up and dropped the Bogen off the other day.  What an incredible replacement to the piece of crap yard sale tripod that I have been using for years.  This Bogen is solid.  It feels like it is connected to the molten center of the earth when the legs are out and the camera is mounted to the head.  The action is fluid, smooth in all directions without any play.  A big thanks to Heffrey for looking out for me on this one.  I will be more likely to shoot from a fixed position now that I have a professional grade tripod.

After my work was over yesterday, I loaded up the new tripod, camera and a few lenses into my bad and set out on an Uptoon exploration to find something interesting to make pictures of.  Almost every day it seems like you can find a variety of characters on or near The Square.  On this day The Juggler and his colorful glittery liquid balls caught my eye.

In between juggles I asked The Juggler if I could take his picture. 
He said that was no problem, especially if I gave him a dollar or two. 
The Juggler was from Fayettenam NC where he said he was taught to juggle by the best. 
He was able to throw the balls underhand backwards so that they would come over the top of his head to the front. 
Always looking at the object with focus. 
This artist was a calm concentrating soul. 
Through the glass lens I occasionally thought I saw him talking quietly to the balls as they levitated in front of his face. 
The present header image. 


TheMutt said...

Those are awesome photos!

Anonymous said...

God Bless The Heff! He called me to ask if the bogen was worth a dollar. I told him I rent them for $125 per day (camera not included) and he was ecstatic.

Billy Fehr said...

Mutt, Thanks.
EW, No doubt on that! King Jimmy looked up the model on EBay and found out that they go for 150-200$ in 'Good' condition. I look forward to hearing that crazy laugh cackle when I tell the Heffmeister.

Justin said...

Good stuff Bill! We should go out and shoot some time!