Monday, January 3, 2011

Mein Schatz Goes BLOG

"Dad, I want you to to take a picture of me with my hand on this huge rock.  I am not going to smile, this is a serious situation", Ms. Arcen said to me the last time we were at Crowders Mountain. 

I once read that a Blog is born every half of a second.   If that is the case, I wonder how often they die. 
MAJOR TRAFFIC STOP ANNOUNCEMENT:  Ms. Arcen enters the world of Blogging with the launch of Seeing the World through Earth Colored Eyes.  For the record this was her idea, not mine and I am supporting her effort by helping her understand the critical nature of story conveyance through the blog medium.  She plans to update once a week or so as she sees fit and I will help her with that manifestation.  The kid has always had something to say and here is her chance to share those thoughts turned to typed words.  I invite you to check in on this 6th grader's perceptions of the world around her, maybe she will give you a touch of youthful transfer as she does me pretty much every day.  You can find her on the right side of my blog as Earth Colored Eyes  with the rest of the characters under the list: My Little Friends and Other Strong Humans.  I do wish her luck in keeping up the effort required to transfer a story and develop an interested audience.  If you take the time to follow her page she will smile and her eyes will cross with joy.

Now, as for the Traffic Stop.  Christmas is finally over, but have no worries, it will be back soon enough.  This time of the year hurts me more than I am ready to admit.  Everywhere I turned since around the week before Halloween were reminders of what a wonderful time of year this is.  Really?, I would think to myself as I kept seeing these huge glistening and glittery festival balls all over town.  Just yuck, plastic Chinese made and shipped reindeer antlers on the shiny auto vipers whizzing by pissed and in a mad blind hurry to get where ever they are going in the name of the season. I can feel that Holiday entropy as if I were responsible for it all by myself.  Sometimes those antlers blow off the windows and wind up in the gutter for me to ride by and see. Do you know how many times I had spotted such seasonal throw away in the weeks leading up to the big day?  Many, I tell you. The sad part is that the first few times I spotted these deer antlers in the street I would look around for the rest of the deer carcass until I made the connection that it is just trash, everything is fine, nothing is really dead other than the planet.

Yes, the Christmas work up worked on me. So, I bought the kid a bike, a real special Gary Fisher bike that I will share with you soon.  She has ridden it twice and soon I will give you her first trail report.  As often happens I digress without negative context, like being side tracked when someone says. "Free Beer." Now, back to the point.  I have been slack for the past few weeks, sporadic at best.  For that I apologize and plan to get back on the regular dose of crazy talk supporting the adventures in life that I see and feel both on and off the bike.  Today was on the bike, commute and job style.

The Laptop Round Up for the Real is going well with two weeks to go.   I had an amazing meeting with an IT human from one the firms I work for who gave me some positive news that will be confirmed soon.  Updated contribution numbers will be posted by the end of the week that will surprise even my biggest skeptics and naysayers.  Please continue to keep this grass roots project in mind because it would be really nice to exceed the goals of the drive and be able to deliver more than the 15 machines originally requested.  Remember that according to the Crisis Caravan, the only way to get something done, is by dropping all barriers and doing it. 

Maybe one last Christmas Image for your post Christmas enjoyment.  A blown white balance shot I made in Dooleyville on the evening after Christmas Day reminds me of what the Holiday will look like after the Nuke goes off.  Caesium Sky...

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