Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Part 2-Death of a Squirrel

Before our pasta party yesterday evening Ms. Arcen and I took off on a training ride through Dooleyville. As we made our way down one of the steeps in front of a row of pine we came upon a dead squirrel, a victim of vehicular homicide. When we stopped Ms. Arcen's first words were, "Is his brains out?" A quick check showed no signs of brains but we were both interested in this lifeless creatures presence in the middle of the road. It's eyes were wide open almost as if he or she was alive and just faking us out. I think both of us expected it to say something like, "Would you please get me out of the road?" After taking the above image we paid our respects and continued the ride, ever aware that the car vipers can destroy life. I have been taking images of road kill now for over 5 years, one day a coffee table sized book may be in order. At least I won't have to worry about getting a hold of my subjects to sign a release so that I may use their images to profit.


Unknown said...

Vehicular Homicide, I do not think that means what you think it means.

By using that term, you equate a squirrel to a, rather you imply that a squirrel IS human, with all the rights and privileges that entails.

The desire to apply the same rights and freedoms a human has is both irrational, and completely against the natural order. Do you honestly believe that any other animal holds the other species of animal sacred? Food or threat, that is the rest of the animal kingdoms view.

And yes, I believe if squirrels had SUV's, they'd run us over as well.

Billy Fehr said...

Hey Leon,
My cat Yancey just sat on the keyboard of my computer and has somehow removed my vollume control from the lower tool bar(that gey thingy that runs along the bottom of my screen). How can I make the VC come back? I want it to come back.