Friday, November 16, 2007

Thursday night ride.

Ms. Arcen and I took of out of the house for a ride around Loch Dooley before diner, that's right diner last night. The wind was up on the backside of a cold front that came through today and there were some great clouds in the sky being lit by a falling orange sun. We rode down to the loch off of Marlewood and I was amazed at how fast my kid was riding on her SS Swamp Bike. She has 4 to choose from including a 20 dollar chrome Red Line but she always pulls the Swamp Bike out of her quiver for the out of the house roll. It was found being thrown away by my friend who brought it by the barn for some love and attention this past spring. I had to bend the half assed chain ring into true, replace the chain, tubes and tires after I used an improvised technique to get the stripped 15mm bolt off the rear axle. Then there was a small amount of painting to do and when I finished the marker style art on the down tube the SB was ready to go. On tonight's ride there was one non rated road hill climb that Ms. Arcen attacked like a champ, even after coming off a pedal 3/4ths of the way to the summit. We came home just as the sun was setting as indicated by the last picture above ready for Parmesan eggs, potato crisps and a small amount of 2% organic milk

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