Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Noah went in the Rear View

Ms. Arcen off the front of Noah for good at the 3.25mile mark on the 4 mile out, 4 mile back in Mcmullen Creek Green Way yesterday. He had gears, she only the SS Swamp Bike and the truth. It was amazing to watch that earlier on she passed the red shirted kid and he wanted some, trying desperately to stick to her wheel, shifting, standing, none of it was working. She was just as obsessed in keeping ahead of him at that point until by the turn around out he was not even in sight. I was calling the ride as if I were Phil Liggett himself, "Poor little Noah with gears and all is no match for the girl with the Single Speed Swamp Bike, a splendid show of dignity by the little girl from Dooleyville indeed" So she rode the 8 miles with only one incident when a toddler stepped right in front of her and she took the gutter to the ground instead of running him over. She never cried, looking up and asking if her wound was blog worthy. a quick look over the shoulder during the pass
poor little Noah does even know how far off the front she is....
result of a toddler pedestrian not paying attention, welcome to my world......
True Story:
Last night at around just before sunset I saw movement in my front yard. I looked out the window and saw a dark sedan all 4 wheels up in my front yard as if it rolled off the road parallel to the house and just stopped. There was a female driver and 4 kids in the back seat ranging from what I would later find out as 2 to 9 years old. I walked out and asked, "Is everything okay?" The driver stepped out of the car and in a strange matter of fact tone reported that she ran out of gas and was not sure what to do because she had no money for any gas. I had just bought some gas earlier in the day and could not believe how little I received for what I paid so I told her that I had some gas for her. Back to the barn, got the 2.5 gal can and back around to dump the contents in her car. Strange feelings came over me, I realized that she would not get far on what I was giving her but that is all I had. Her kids Loved Mary who was overseeing these quietly bizarre events in the front yard. She thanked me and said that if she could she would leave some In God We Trust Units in my box. That is not the point. The point is that people are running out of gas and in this case one picked my yard to do it in....amazing the now and what is about to be in front of us.

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