Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Zion Rebuild/Not Too Half Assed

The Zion has been out of commission since before the west coast adventure to make way for the MotherShip which has now been decommissioned for further product modification. During the interim I sent the original Mt. Zion to Drake Coatings out east over past the 485 but before Monroe near the brand new Dale Jarrett Ford Auto Lot for an original Desert Storm paint job. Yesterday morning I drove out there early for a 0700hr pick up and after work started to put her together so that way I could go for a ride soon. The rebuild took way longer than normal. Not sure if that was because things kept going wrong including the new paint in places I did not really ask for it and no paint where I needed it which led to some tedious fixings or that the life sucking force of what's left of Jordy(photog on all but the top picture below) who just reentered the Toon after a real American Military State Transfer was messing up the magnetic balance of my barn. Either way things kept coming up and sometime around sunset my mountain bike came back to running order, lack the new brakes which will be here soon.
While in Germany Race Face showed me how to properly install their head set cups by using the same method someone else taught me a few years back.
The harder you hit it, the more set in the cup becomes, the very next hit the board shattered into several pieces.
Now the fork race can be installed by using an existing frame that you may have laying around, new technique born of desperation because of the paint over the steer tube which I had asked about when I dropped off frame and fork. As easy as you may think it would be to clean that surface it was actually quite a pain in the ass. I wound up using a chain saw file(which will come in handy again later for another problem) but it was tedious trying to get the powder coat clear of the tube.
When the frame method gets the race tapped on and set then it is appropriate to use hammer and screw driver to do the final seating of the race. Notice the time trail finale' look on my face, pure dignity.
Close enough for government work.
I recently broke my chain whip while breaking one side of my Dura Ace flip flop track hub on my new replacement LeMond Fillmore's work wheel(more on that bike build to follow). Improvise Bill, Improvise...ahhh plumbing tools.
Even better, Channel Locks!
One of the the light weight set screws for my EBB finally stripped out last night. So I simply drilled it out by setting the drill to reverse. No wonder it came out so easy you moron, you drilled the not stripped one out first.....
Okay re-drill the bad one straight thru, then hammer in the chain saw file which is squared on the bottom in to the center of the screw, then use channel locks to turn the screw out an replace both set screws with the original chunky ones that Dicky sent you with the bike knowing that you would mess up the little ones. Yes, I talk to myself.


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