Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ms. Arcen Goes Big,

wheel that is. While I did miss Friday's 3rd(4th for Ilan) annual Double Down some amazing events took place not only at work in the Uptown Jar but as well back in Dooleyville. The work stuff was just that, highlighted by a visit from the heavily protected private bank Fed Chief Ben Bernanke and a stand up interview that I conducted with 2 Bloomberg Press officials who only wanted to talk bikes not new North American Monetary Units.
Then early that evening as Ms. Arcen and I prepared to roll out of the barn she asked me if I thought that she was big enough to ride the Sun Cruiser. 26" wheels, why sure you can get on the same sized wheel that Thad(who thinks the Arch should be in Denver) rides! Let's lower the seat for your 9 year old self. I was blown away to see her get off of the little Swamp Bike wheels and onto the adult cruiser. Happy thoughts for my kid flew through my head as I watched her roll out.
This kid was all smiles as we did our normal Tour de Dooleyville. Ms. Acen, Zula and I had an unforgettable ride that night. She flew down the hills in perfect control and started to learn about the up hill advantages of a 3 speed internal Sturmey Archer hub. At the end of the ride my kid was quoted as saying, "I am so happy to finally be tall enough to get the 26" wheel advantage just like the strong and fast Marsupial!"
*all the lighthearted Thad bashing not bashing stems from some back and forth Arch Gateway banter initiated on my comment line yesterday by the Marsupial himself. Check it out, I think I went to his comment line as well from the day before....

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cornfed said...

You grown up old guys (like Dicky isn't he AARP age?) can have your big bikes, I'll always be a toys-r-us kid!

Way to go Arcen! Lookin' styling.

Who wants to go move the Arch? Or perhaps Denver is the Gateway to the More Wester West?