Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another 26" Wheel Story-Examination of the 3 Empires

On Saturday Ms. Arcen and I loaded up the bikes and drove out to the thriving Metropolis of Lincolnton North Carolina. Our first stop was Chafin's bike shop across from the Lincoln Covnty Covrt Hovse where we said hello to an old acquaintance not forgotten, filled our bottles and got a good piece of advice with a hand drawn map for a 2.5 hour ride. We would meander out through town to the Catawba Land Conservancy Rail to Trail, ride it out and back then poke our way around the west side of town back to the square. Chafin also let us know to keep an eye out for the British(the other Empire) who may be coming to meet the Revolutionaries who were in town to celebrate the anniversary of the 1780 Battle of Ramsour's Mill. After our ride was over Ms. Arcen and I stopped in The Covrt Hovse Diner for a lunch of grilled cheese sandwich, fries, lemonade and unsweetened tea. Another ole friend Rondal came by and after we ate he took us to the Battle Ground site in his sporty little civic auto viper. During our travels we noticed plenty of evidence that our present American Empire has followed the model of the previous two, Rome and Great Britain.

Pre-Ride in front of Ride-A-Bike Ms. Arcen is giving the Roman Empire's hand sign for the letter U.
Like the Britons, Lincolntoonians drive on the opposite side of the road.
Laboratory Road on the way out, the kid had just seen her first road kill in person and that made her remorseful.
Out of town the entrance into the Catawba Land Conservancy's Rail to Trail.
Shortly in the trail we saw a dam off the right hand side, lets take a closer look.
Looks like a jam,
on top of the dam.
The trail cut through several rock out crops.
Ms. Arcen rolling towards downed tree.
Old man river......
This is the entrance at the far end of the trail.
My favorite image from the ride.
On different track back into town, side walk climbing up to the first left hand turn.
Now on the right side of the tracks we are picking our way around the west side of Lincolnton.
The ball on top of a flag pole is called a truck.
This is where they send you if you run a stop sign on a bike in (un)Fairfield Iowa.
Parking was never a problem in town.
Rondal and Rondaletta headed to the Battle of Ramsour's Mill 'Celebration'
These defeated Revolutionaries marched up the hill and caught up with two hunters who they passed without effort.
I wonder what this little 18th Century lad has been up to.
Looks like he just stepped out of the Ye Olde Smoke Tent.
This lady suggested that we stopped by the broom maker's booth, she insisted that they were the best brooms that our money could buy.
Those are some fly rides.
Curiosity strikes the child
and the adult.
Look it's the Lincoln Covnty Covrt Hovse.
Parting shot on the side of Chafin's Shop. The flesh wound I received while putting my bike on the roof and spoon on the quick release lever snapped. My hand obviously kept going.

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Kevin said...

Thanks for the report. I didn't know that trail was in L-town. I'll have to check it out with the family.