Thursday, June 11, 2009

Saturday McMullen Creek 12mile

This past Saturday Ms. Arcen and I went out to the McMullen Creek Green Way to explore the relatively new 2 mile extension of the 4 mile out and back that we ride occasionally. So we parked at the lot across from the McMullen Market on HWY 51 and set out on a father/daughter bike transfer. This is the first real ride she has gone on since the 'big crash' of 09. Matt at Ultimate built up her new solid wheel(original hub 3speed Sturmey Archer) with a silver Sun Rhyno Lite, black spokes and brass nipples. I can always count on those guys to fix the bent and/or broken bike parts that I bring in.

The kid has it together. Check her out, like any other pro she decided to wear a shirt that matches the paint scheme of her bike.
Here she is entering one of the longest bridges on the Green Way.
The bridges on this ride keep you just above a low water swampy area.
Puffy clouds, blue sky being filtered by a touch of haze.
Every time she cruised near to the edge my heart picked up. She has good natural handling skills I know but if she were to go off and into the water we would risk loosing a 300 dollar hand cart, I mean Cruiser.
Sit down, pedal, pedal, pedal, spin it hard then stand up and coast the cruise. This was the first time I had ever seen her do that and she seemed to get a kick out of it.
4 way stop on a Green Way? The Mecklenburg District Attorney never prosecutes failure to stop at a stop sign on a bike(believe me I know) so she went for it.
The view over my shoulder.
Flying with the wind on her face.
This was yet another fun time on the 2 wheeled human fueled machines with my kid. We rode the entire 6miles out and 6 back from the 51 lot in around an hour and a half. That time does not include one break of about 15 minutes that she spent exploring the creek bank. On the way back in 2 large Deer crossed in front of us at full sprint. Ms. Arcen was very excited to see the large hoofed creatures run into the woods.
Be sure to check in on James E. Good who is riding from Seattle to back here in the Jar at a very fast pace. James is with friends in Denver for a few days of rest and racing. Dude, Seriously.


Courtney Thompson said...

her ride is uhmazing. nice shirt and bike matching. loving it!

Billy Fehr said...

t-total C!