Monday, October 5, 2009

Friday Mountain Transfer in Pictures

This past Friday Ms. Arcen, Zoo Zoo, Danger and I had a pastoral Mountain Mental Health day. There was no school due to teacher's work day and I did not have to ride around on the job because my senior rookie had my shift covered so we headed up to Wilson Creek Recreation Area on the eastern edge of the Pisgah National Forest. Out of Morgantoon we headed up 181 and parked at the Upper/Lower Falls trail head. We hiked down in the Upper and came out on the Lower Falls trail after exploring the top and bottom of the falls. At the lower end of the falls there was kid and yellow dog swimming. After 3 and a half hours at this locale we headed back down 181 and at the mounds made a left onto FR196 for the dirt track over the Sink Hole Saddle and down to the top of Wilson Creek proper. The sun finally came out and warmed the air and spirits a bit just as we found a perfect spot for the afternoon swim session that I even took part in. As always the mountain water was refreshing and rejuvenating to mind and body. We hung out on the big slab down to the water for the rest of the afternoon before making the 104mile drive home.

Between the trees right in front of you and the far ridge is the cut that we walked down into to get to the falls. The hike started to the left of this frame and ended by coming out on the far right. A nice down in and up out loop indeed.
Zoo, Ms. Arcen and Danger lead the way down.
The child noticed that someone had put an acorn in the hole in the tree. When she pointed it out to me I wondered if the Ghost of Jerry Reed had been here and was responsible for such acorn placement.
Once we made the falls the kid insisted that the Husky be put on leash. There were drop offs everywhere and she wanted to play it safe.
The cold mountain water was up a bit. The creek crossing went without incident and no human or dog was swept away.
Before leaving the upper and proceeding across creek and down to the lower I made this parting shot.
This was as close a I felt comfortable looking over the abyss with the camera held high in the sky over my head pointing down.
On the back side of the falls and down the trail this was the view back up from where we had just been.
Further on down the trail that ran along side of the creek.
Continuous rock ledges, a virtual chute that provides the water with a direction to flow. The sound at first overwhelmingly constant and strong. As time past the noise became part of our existence on this mountain slope.
A while back Ms. Arcen(Rondaletta) saw pictures of Rondal and I doing this like 16 years ago so she decided to give it a try.
Pro level rock sliding
and into the pool.
Up a little higher on a big rock gives a bit of scale to this spot.
Dried off and warmed up the kid and Danger pose just above a huge granite Cathedral that smelled of black bear.
The hike back out and up the Lower Falls trail was very different than the walk in just a few miles away. There were more Rhodos on this side plus I think something large was close by in the woods. The kid even noticed the smell as we crossed back center on the mountain out of the switch backs. I heard a loud thump once and some sticks breaking.
A nice trail.
On the side of 181 on the roof of the UN Montero I made this picture of Brown Mountain seen as the far off sloping hill in the center right of the frame under the line of puffy clouds.
Same spot pan left and see Chestnut Mountain, dead center.
Swim approach semi flat rock.
Climb up and
Keep your eyes on the target.
Air born with thumbs up.
A joyous water landing in October. A great day in the Mountains was had by all.


Unknown said...

sliding rock is the jam.

Jesse said...

this reminds me: mandatory Brown Mtn ride this fall/winter. park at bottom of Sinkhole, ride up past Sinkhole over to Brown, and hit all the good ones on Brown, then head down the Brown Mtn. rock garden on the way to hitting Sinkhole last. hadn't done that since college

Billy Fehr said...