Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2 Rides in 1, Post that is....

Last night while Ms. Arcen and I were on long PT(Physical Training) out of the house in Dooleyville something sort of hilarious went down at the end of our ride. Maybe it's funny only to her and I. You be the judge, it will only take 31 seconds to see and hear what we were dealing with. A few minutes before we were down at Loch Dooley when the Ice Cream Van Truck rolled by real slow playing the obligatory music. The kid jumped on the cruiser and said, "Lets catch it!" But I have no money, oh I get it, this is not about buying anything, you really just want to catch it. Then we can pass it on an uphill out of the lake and stay in front of it so that we can create a scary little film. The entire time the maniacal ICVT driver was laughing with amazement that he was passed by a 10 year old on a cruiser and her old man.

Bike Ride Bad Dream from Billy Fehr on Vimeo.

Two Saturdays ago her and I headed to Freedom park via the Little Sugar Creek Greenway at the Brandywine Road end. We parked the car and unloaded the bikes behind Ilan's Bicycle Sport. I'd link him but his shop's page is 'Coming soon' and his blog has not been updated since the 08 Interbike. Wait, if you want to read about him check this out. Down the hill and across the beautiful Greenway all the way to the hospital. Once there we stopped, had a snack of almonds and water and then I fixed a flat on my bike. When the break was over we rode back to the park and played Frisbee on a soccer field that we had all to ourselves. After an hour or so of that disc flying fun we jumped back on our bikes and rode back to Brandywine and up the final climb back to the car.

On the way there we saw a rider pulling a B.O.B. trailer loaded with a medium sized brown dog on the Booty Loop. I asked her to take a picture of the dog in the trailer but she got side tracked not realizing her own reflection as the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. This is one of the neatest images she has ever made.
A side stop off of the Greenway and the water felt good.
Snack time at the far end of the Greenway near Moorehead. When we went to leave my rear tire was flat, like the 5th I had had in a week. I fixed it on the spot and later that day I found the cause of my flat pandemic. 12 new tubes in stock and I should not flat again for awhile.
On the return leg of the journey.
Before we left the back of the Shop Ms. Arcen and I wanted to know what Ilan and crew were throwing away. Stop whining kid and get in there. Do you see anything shiny or made of in tact rubber? The frame was bent cracked, the wheels totalled and the handle bars tweaked. Did the owner of the Cannondale get ran over by a car or did he back up over his bicycle with his Ford Excursion??


Just passing thru said...

Nice post! Enjoyed the "Bike Bad Dream" film. LOL! Tho I think you guys should stop at the STOP sign.

However, when you are being chased by a maniacal ICVD I guess you have to set priorities. :-)

Billy Fehr said...

Why do you think we should have stopped at the Stop sign when the only auto viper in sight was the one being driven by the man laughing behind the wheel of the ICVT?

Unknown said...

The camera lens does weird things to her wheel in the video. Looks like she is riding on a taco, except she isn't.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome- Simple things in life like passing Mr. Ice Cream Truck- Reminds me of my girls when they were young-SWL