Tuesday, November 27, 2007

C-Span 2 Report

Seeing Rudy Giuliani is prolly gonna be our next president I decided to watch him speak in front of some breakfast paying goers in New Hampshire. The monologue/answer a couple of questions forum was filmed yesterday morning and was aired on C-Span last night. I had never seen him speak before, only images of him being escorted around the carnage created on the morning of September 11th. Ironically enough in his speech last night he brought up 9/11 no less then 3 times in direct reference and multiple more times in an anecdotal style of reproach justification. I was not aware that Mr. Giuliani believes that the future president of this country needs to build a bigger, stronger and more offensive military than the one we have now. "More planes", he said, how witty.

After saying secondly multiple times to introduce his next thought, Rudy talked about tightening the borders and making it more difficult to immigrate to the USA. He proposes to deal with the illegal ones here in the now by giving them identification so that can can work legally. In which case this allows our government to educate their children. His impressions of the future are bigger walls and tighter borders with more agents on the job to do the work.

Diplomatically Rudy believes that the State Department should be held more accountable for what the world thinks about us as a country. Specifically he wants the US Ambassadors representing us around the world to take a more active role in communication. This means that he wants the foreign ambassadors to sit down with the people of the countries they are guests in and explain to them how great it is here and what we are all about. Unfortunately for me he never clarified what "We are all about", means.

Secondly, this was one of the strangest speeches I have ever seen. It was acting, someone else speaking for him. There could have been no way that he actually thinks what he was saying he was thinking but instead he was just playing a role. Even though I can never vote for him I feel like it has already been written that he will be our next president.

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Jimmy said...

You don't think Ma'dam Hiliary is gonna be our next prez? Don't you know it's been rigged that way for 30 years? :)