Thursday, November 8, 2007

Don't worry, William Clark will be here soon

were Meriwether Lewis' last words that he spoke from a dirt town square near Nashville Tennessee in 1809, less than three years after completing his heroic journey to the Northwest passage and back. A second later he pulled two triggers of separate .50 caliber flint lock pistols,one to the head, one to the heart. A .50 caliber ball is really big, about the size a standard Chinese made super ball, just smaller than a golf ball. He must have fell to the ground almost immediately, laying still in the middle of the day, the sun high against a blue Tennessee sky. Lewis was on his way to Washington DC to talk to his dear friend Thomas Jefferson, the second president of our flailing nation to tell him not to slaughter the native American Indians that would be in the way of American progress. He never made it, the emotional baggage was too much for his psyche to handle. Meriwether realized that while on his journey the Indian tribes that saved him and all of his men's asses in the first and second winters of their exploration would be wiped out in the name of freedom for the good lives of Americans. When his journey with Clark was over they were touted as heroes and put on the bouge circuit, wining, dining, copious amounts of fooding so those around him could remain fat, music, laughter, life was good but the deeper understanding of what was going on must have been maddening to him. The life is good crowd around him had no idea what he and his men had been through even though they pretended like they had, they were just excited that their 4 million was coming. See, as these people jibber jabbered around him he would have been thinking about the beautiful experiences of human interaction with the Indians who helped them accomplish the impossible until it set him off to stop the future forward end. Even though I'm not ready for the dual .50 cal solution I wonder when the madness will stop on a new level, Iraq. For those Americans who do not know how to pronounce the name of the Persian country we are destroying it sounds like: long e, rock. Iraq(eerock). Please for the love of god and all that is sane, never say, "I rack". I wish I could talk to Thomas Jefferson but he has long been under the ground and he prolly would not give a rats ass anyway because the spread of democracy is pivotal to capital gain and everyone getting their share....It is the American way.

"lay down your guns

all you daughters of Zion

all you Abraham sons"

`Paul Hewson

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