Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Part 1

Happy Thanksgiving and Ride on~

This morning I was given the best Thanksgiving present ever, time to go for a local ride at Sherman Branch. It was under one condition, that I would be home by 1300hrs to start cooking from scratch the one and only Noni style red sauce that would be the nights base for our annual family pasta party.

When I arrived at SB I saw a closed gate and a black car with bike on back being driven by Andy of Durham. He told me that he planned to ride anyway and that he was going to leave his car in front of the gate. I told him that if you are going to poach this trail you can't leave your car here, they will tow it and fine you to boot, we have to go park at Ballsberry's house. So we went around the way and over the river to Ballsberry's house and entered the trail from a High clearance spur and made our way around. Even though it rained for 18minutes this morning the trail was completely dry and as solid as if we were in the middle of an extraordinary drought. I was glad that I ran into Andy, some chat company on the trail was nice and so was having a photographer with an eye. At one point by the low empty used to be swamp I was waiting in the quiet woods. There were three trees in front of me and in a vortex of wind a palm sized burgundy maple leaf lifted in a twisting propeller like motion from the ground to eye level where it levitated in front of my eyes for 10 seconds and then fell silently to the forested floor. The wind was dry and warm through the trees in front of a grey clouded sky. It felt strangely humid on this late November day.

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